LETTER: Gardner accuses Hickenlooper of crimes, but fails to hold Trump equally accountable


Editor: Let me take this moment to respond to one of many political ads that is directly put out by Sen. Cory Gardner, in particular the one where he is cleaning the Maserati, while listing the various points of corruption John Hickenlooper is accused of doing while governor.

Sen. Cory Gardner, why haven’t you applied the same criteria of judgement of being unfit for office on President Donald Trump? President Trump has done similar “crimes” you are accusing Mr. Hickenlooper of doing, but on a much “higher” scale, both in money and in scope. Because he is the president?

Sen. Cory Gardner, check out the Gospels. They all clearly define one thing, in similar, almost the same, way, which is the definition of a hypocrite.

If you are re-elected, do your job and neither betray the people nor your oath to the Constitution.

Stop putting your political party, and the president, above the country.

— Andrew Jarrett, via [email protected]

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