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At Lunar New Year, desserts can be customary or ‘cute-ified’

"This year again I'm going to make the waffles," said Lieu, who is half Chinese and half Vietnamese. "I'm also going to make the steamed nian gao and things like that, and try to have him appreciate it more, too."

Easy, pull-together appetizer ideas for holiday entertaining

A little appetizer spread is just the thing. Simple bites you can put out while the main meal is being prepared. Or maybe the appetizers are the whole of it, a nice chance to clink glasses with the neighbors or some old friends passing through town.

Jelly doughnuts: How to make the ultimate Hanukkah pastry

They're doughnuts without a central hole, fried and stuffed with jelly or jam. In Israel, jelly doughnuts for Hanukkah are especially popular, and are sometimes filled with chocolate or halvah too.

Celery stalk in trash, luck, lead to lost wedding rings

"He said, 'I'm pretty sure I threw the rings out,'" Dennis Senibaldi, the transfer station supervisor, said Tuesday.

Macau’s savory meat-potato hash feels foreign and familiar

Egg-custard tarts, salt cod with garlic, and baked duck rice often are on the menu, though so are galinha à Africana (African chicken), Chinese steamed pork buns and Indian coconut curry.

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Millennial Money: Is meal kit delivery still worth the cost?

"The intro offer pricing was equivalent to my usual weekly grocery budget, but a full-price box wasn't," says Nadia Russell, a health care analyst. She enjoyed the convenience and variety her subscription offered, but she canceled after the promotional period due to the cost increase.

Fight to curb food waste increasingly turns to science

Hate mealy apples and soggy french fries? Science can help.

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