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For the ultimate grilled cheese, use both stovetop and oven

Where I grew up, there was an old-fashioned drug store with a lunch counter. When the weather was good, my best friend and I would ride our bikes there and order grilled cheese and made-to-order orange-ades. The grilled cheese was made with fluffy white bread and American cheese on a griddle. It had one slice of cheese between the bread slices and was as thin as a sandwich can possibly be, as the bread was compressed during grilling. Still, I have a vivid and mouthwatering taste memory of this grilled cheese, as if I ate it yesterday.

AP Food: The perfect baked potato begins with russets

Baking a potato is the easiest thing in the world, right? Then why are so many potatoes lacking in texture and flavor?

For ‘Joy of Cooking’ revision, editors mixed marriage, food

"Working with your spouse on something like this, we had our ups and downs," said Scott with a laugh. "I think that now that we've survived this, we can probably survive anything."

Health officials disclose another romaine outbreak, now over

The disclosure late Thursday comes after the produce industry said it was stepping up safety measures following a series of outbreaks , including one last year that sickened more than 200 people and killed five. It's not clear why romaine keeps sickening people, but experts note the difficulty of eliminating risk posed by raw vegetables grown in open fields.

Bourbon can make many foods better

The rich, round vanilla notes of a good bourbon complement our favorite autumn foods.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable, versatile, global, delicious: Honey’s got buzz

"This makes it a true current events issue," she says. Honey is a sustainable and eco-friendly product at a time when many consumers are making that a priority.

Wyoming winery shows it’s grape stuff with California medals

"To have a concept that a lot of people thought was crazy and then to have it come out and win golds and best-of-class medals in these competitions is huge," Schroth said.

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