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Recipe: For tastier pasta, toast the noodles

This Mexican dish typically features broken, thin noodles that are toasted, then cooked with broth and tomatoes. The noodles absorb the liquid, yielding pasta that is "dry," but rich with the flavors of soup. And the toasted pasta creates a rich, nutty flavor foundation and a unique texture for the finished dish.

Recipe: Savory miso balances one-note bananas Foster

The appropriately festive bananas Foster was invented in 1951 at Brennan's on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where fortunes were made importing the tropical fruit. Torching a mixture of brown sugar, rum and liqueurs creates a delicious caramel on this American classic, usually served with vanilla ice cream melting into the warm sauce.

For food lovers, stocking stuffers begin in the kitchen

The kitchen is a great place for inspiration in choosing perfect-little-something gifts. Maybe it's a treat that recognizes a friend's sweet tooth. An ingredient that inspires a budding chef. A kitchen utensil to brighten their cooking.

Coconut milk yields buttery braised chicken

Colombian cooks use the milk as the base of a coarse, bright-yellow sauce laced with bouillon powder and a packet of annatto-heavy sazón. We substitute easier-to-find turmeric and soy sauce to replicate the same savoriness.

Jessica Seinfeld’s vegan mac and cheese uses plant milk

I have served this many times to non-vegans and they always go for seconds. I use cashew or almond milk for their mild flavor, but you can always experiment with other plant-based milks.

Sustainable Living

Will new bacon law begin? California grocers seek delay

Put simply, the law requires that breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens and veal calves be given enough space to stand and turn around. For pigs, that means they no longer can be kept in narrow "gestation crates" and must have 24 square feet (2.23 square meters) of usable space.

If you want to grow apples, choose the tastiest

I grow an apple called Hudson's Golden Gem and I do so for one reason. Yes, this apple's russeted, golden skin is beautiful. But it's the flavor that puts it above the rest.

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