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How to marinate just about anything

Marinades add flavor — what kind obviously depends on the ingredients and seasonings. You can make (or buy!) anything from a Mediterranean herb- and citrus-centered marinade to a ginger- and soy-based Asian marinade to an Indian, spice-infused yogurt marinade.

For this roasted salmon, skip the butter and go for relish

Salmon is often roasted in butter, but we wanted a healthier approach that would contrast with the fish's richness. So we made a bright tangerine relish perked up with spicy ginger.

A summer tomato gratin with bright flavor and no mush

Toasting large cubes of a crusty artisan-style baguette ensured that the bread didn't get too soggy once combined with the tomatoes. After toasting the bread, we added the coarsely chopped tomatoes as well as garlic, a small amount of sugar, and salt and pepper. Just before moving the skillet to the oven, we folded in most of the toasted bread and scattered the remainder over the top along with some Parmesan to create a crusty, savory topping that contrasted with the custardy interior.

How to a make a moist, chunky shrimp burger without the mush

After early testing we decided we needed a combination of finely chopped shrimp to help bind the burgers, as well as some larger, bite-size chunks. We achieved this texture with help from the food processor.

A burger that could transport you to the Greek islands

All that the ground lamb needed was a flavor boost, so we made a warm spice blend of coriander, oregano, and cinnamon. Slabs of firm, salty halloumi cheese developed a beautiful nutty brown crust when seared and offset the richness of the lamb.

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Urgency for vaccine grows as virus ravages China’s pigs

"Today's situation, where you have this global threat, puts a lot more emphasis on this research," said Dr. Luis Rodriguez, who leads the U.S. government lab on foreign animal diseases at Plum Island, New York.

Under a microscope: Startups grow meat in lab, face scrutiny

"Our chicken is chicken ... you've got to taste it to believe it," Valeti says.

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