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Duck bill flies straight through Aurora council committee hearing

“I am curious if anybody on council will be owning a duck,” Murillo said. “If I had a yard, I would totally consider it.”

Aurora lawmaker: Move city council contests to general elections, reveal political...

“A lot of other cities have actually taken steps to correct that problem, and what they did is they ended up moving their elections to even years to coincide with state and federal elections.”

Metro district consultants duel, offering praise and warning of ‘rubber-stamping’ disaster...

“This is an excessive amount of debt, (and) I think the City Council needs to ask, ‘Why are we approving $4 billion of debt for a district where this is going to total perhaps millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt per home?’” Matise said.

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Abortion Rights

CHASING PROGRESS: Equity in Colorado

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Tiny African kingdom has skiing as Europe sweats summer heat

"I've never seen snow in my life," said Kafi Mojapelo, who traveled the short distance from South Africa for a skiing vacation she never thought she'd take. "So, this is a great experience."

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US sued in bid to force decision on Rockies wolf protections

The Biden administration said in a preliminary finding last September that protections for wolves may need to be restored because increased hunting in Idaho and Montana posed a potential threat to wolves across the region.


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