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Recent Smoky Hill grad wins national title in extemporaneous speaking

The competition lasted six days and 13 rounds. In the extemporaneous speech event, competitors are given only half an hour to put together a speech related to politics and current affairs, after which they are cross-examined by another competitor.

CHASING PROGRESS: Equity in Colorado

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Fin-tastic! Growing ‘mermaiding’ subculture makes a splash

"The feeling was mermai-zing," Tabora said one recent morning while lounging in a fiery red tail on a rocky beach south of Manila, where she now teaches mermaiding and freediving full-time. "The world outside is really noisy and you will find peace under water. … It's a good skill in the real world, especially during the pandemic."

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US abortion ruling sparks global debate, polarizes activists

"This is being done in America, which should be an example when it comes to the women's rights movement," said Archane, an activist for abortion rights. "If this is happening in America, what about me here in Africa? It's a very, very sad day."

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