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Aurora announces recipients of $60K in neighborhood grants

Applicants were asked in January to submit proposals for projects that would “improve a neighborhood’s physical condition, enhance pride and identity, increase neighborhood communication, and bring new assets to the neighborhood that foster gathering and positive experiences.”

CHASING PROGRESS: Equity in Colorado

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EDITORIAL: Outrage over court activism won’t restore women’s rights, only voting...

The only preemptive defense Americans have voting out of office those who either have no objection to how women were abused by this decision, or worse, those who actively support it and seek to further limit the rights of women or other Americans. 

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PRIMARY ROUNDUP: Colorado Republicans reject some hardliners for November ballot

Voters in Colorado's Republican primaries opted Tuesday for candidates widely considered stronger challengers to Democrats' stranglehold on the state's top offices, decisively rejecting right-wing candidates for U.S. Senate, governor and secretary of state.


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Mile High magic: Avs add to Denver’s title town run on...

The Mile High City is now home to three ice hockey champion. There are the Stanley Cup champion Colorado Avalanche. There is also the NCAA champion University of Denver and Denver East High School, which won the national title earlier this year.