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Aurora student standardized test results rise, but still below pre-pandemic scores

“Today, we celebrate the fact that student scores were better in most cases than they were in 2021, but we continue to face the challenge of fully bringing kids back to the levels they were before the disruptions of the pandemic as well as closing the historic opportunity and achievement gaps,” said Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes said in a statement.

City of Aurora to hand out anti-theft gear for cars

“This way, people will be able to protect themselves so they don’t become victims,” Marcano said.

TITLE ROLES: Football star, wrestling standout, homecoming queen

Vista PEAK senior Leilani Caamal taking full advantage of chances female athletes that came before her earned

10 YEARS AFTER — The stories

Abortion Rights

CHASING PROGRESS: Equity in Colorado

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Review: ‘Beast,’ with Idris Elba, has B-movie bite

It's a movie well engineered as a late-summer diversion — a big cat movie for the dog days of August — that Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur ("Adrift," "Everest") insures stays well within the paths of man-against-nature films before it. But while the lion is CGI, the South African location is genuine, and Kormákur and cinematographer Philippe Rousselot's long, well-choreographed takes give "Beast" an immersive quality well beyond the genre's usual slapdash cutting.

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Crisis looms without big cuts to over-tapped Colorado River

Hydroelectric turbines may stop turning. Las Vegas and Phoenix may be forced to restrict water usage or growth. Farmers might cease growing some crops, leaving fields of lettuce and melons to turn to dust.


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