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Aurora lawmakers consider mandatory jail for shoplifting, affordable housing grants Monday

AURORA | Aurora lawmakers on Monday may finalize legislation punishing thieves convicted of stealing more than $300 from a retail store with no less...

Houston’s ‘housing-first’ approach to homelessness garners mixed opinions from Aurora City...

Coffman called the Houston program’s ability to unite service providers for the common goal of helping the city’s homeless “extraordinary.” However, he and Councilmember Dustin Zvonek also expressed skepticism about Houston’s approach during Monday’s study session and on social media.

Armed man arrested for entering Children’s Hospital employee entrance

“It is not known why the suspect entered through the employee entrance, armed with a gun and there were no other injuries reported,” Longshore said.

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Abortion Rights

CHASING PROGRESS: Equity in Colorado

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ROBERTS: Officials unnecessarily prolonged release of amended Elijah McClain autopsy report

“Not only did these public officials unnecessarily delay the disclosure of a public record,” he added, “they also imposed a substantial financial burden on Adams County that could easily have been avoided.”

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Many refugees dealing with trauma face obstacles to mental health care

While their need for mental health services is greater than that of the general population, refugees are much less likely to receive such care. Part of the shortfall stems from societal differences. But a big factor is the overall shortage of mental health providers in the U.S., and the myriad obstacles and barriers to receiving mental health care that refugees encounter.

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Boys Tennis: Regis Jesuit, Grandview make inaugural Class 5A team state...

Regis Jesuit and Grandview earned spots among the 16 teams in the inaugural Class 5A team boys tennis state championship tournament and both will play home dual matches in the opening round.