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Sentinel Colorado files request in district court for judge to decide...

Attorneys for Sentinel Colorado have asked a district court judge to determine whether to make public the recording of a closed city council meeting where lawmakers discussed and ended the censure process of a fellow council person.

REVIEW: ‘The Holly’ documentary delivers a riveting look at metro police,...

Rubinstein spent eight years working on the book and documentary, and his meticulous attention to detail is a much-needed corrective to the drive-by style that coverage of violence often receives. The issues he delves into — gun violence, gang activity, underinvestment in Black communities — are more relevant now than ever for Aurora and people across the Denver metro area and once the film has made the festival circuit it deserves to have a wide release.

EDITORIAL: Of course it’s the guns that lead to US massacres...

The only thing preventing the nation from escaping endless shootings and massacres is signaling that those who refuse to act against the gun industry to protect Americans will be removed at the ballot box from power.

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‘Horrifying’ conspiracy theories swirl around Texas shooting

"It's a tactic that serves two purposes: It avoids real conversations about the issue (of gun violence), and it gives people who don't want to face reality a patsy, it gives them someone to blame," said Longoria, director of research at the Disinfo Defense League, a non-profit that works to fight racist misinformation.

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