Tiffany Grays via Facebook

AURORA | Another candidate has launched a bid for Aurora mayor. Tiffany Grays, a single mother who has lived most of her life in the city, says she didn’t see a viable candidate, so she decided to run. 

Grays, 36, says while out talking to voters she has heard concerns about Aurora’s affordability, the inability to achieve a livable wage to live in the city and “equity,” which includes education issues and the school to prison pipeline. 

Tiffany Grays via Facebook

While Grays said it would be “shooting herself in the foot” to promise a certain policy, she said the economy and equity would be priority for her. 

“I can no longer remain silent or sleep,” she wrote on her campaign Facebook page. “I want to change Aurora for the better, for all.”

Grays joins five other candidates for mayor: Mike Coffman, Ryan Frazier, Renie PetersonMarsha Berzins and Omar Montgomery. She is the last to joint the race, saying that she mulled a bid for the Aurora Public Schools board and Aurora City Council for months, but ultimately decided on mayor. 

“I saw the option was available, and I just believe that Aurora deserves better, a leader that is about the people, that’s willing to stand up for the people,” she said.

Grays hasn’t served on any Aurora city boards or commissions, but said she’s been involved in grassroots organizations such as Black Lives Matter and speaking to the ACLU, NAACP and local teacher’s union.

Grays graduated from Aurora Central High School in 2001 later earning a bachelor’s degree in information security systems and has lived throughout Aurora, she said. She isn’t currently working, but she last held a position at Granicus, a tech company catered to serving governmental agencies, in Denver.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer