LETTERS: Rethink stance on ‘Fair Workweek’ bill


In response to EDITORIAL: Colorado ‘Fair Workweek’ bill is a schedule for disaster not better jobs

Editor: Name one hourly employee who likes the rotating schedule. They will get a 1 or 2 week schedule on Sunday for a workweek starting the next day. They never know when they work next. They cannot make any plans until they know what their schedule is. I have worked this way. My daughter worked this way for many years before having a breakdown followed by 6 months of depression. Now, I realize there were other contributing factors, but this type of scheduling has been a major player in people not wanting to work these types of jobs —not to mention low wages. You can’t raise a family in the low wages, and you certainly cannot get babysitting at the last minute. You need to rethink your stance. Are you on the side of management or employees?

Kerri Phillips, via [email protected]

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J Walter
J Walter
1 month ago

The “success sequence,” which is: Get a Degree (High School or higher), Get a job. Get married. ONLY THEN have children, has stood up to scrutiny for a long time. I think hourly food-service jobs were never intended to fully support families. By their nature, these are “on demand” positions.
I worked rotating shifts in oil company pilot plants for awhile, worked hard and moved up in the company.
If you don’t like the fluidity of restaurant work, get out of it ASAP. Quit criticizing how it has to work.