RTD to be fare-free Election Day to encourage voting


AURORA | RTD transportation services will be available at zero cost Friday and Election Day as part of an initiative to encourage voter participation in the upcoming general election.

Friday, Oct. 28 is National Vote Early Day. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

“RTD strives to be a strong community partner, and with this socially equitable initiative, the playing field is being leveled so that the constitutional right to vote is accessible to all registered voters through systemwide zero fare transit,” RTD CEO Debra Johnson said at a Thursday news conference.

Coloradans can register to vote up through Election Day, but the deadline to receive a mail ballot is Oct. 31. The deadline to submit a ballot through the mail is Oct. 31, after that voters should return ballots through drop boxes or vote in person at a voting center.

A list of drop box locations and voting centers is available through the Secretary of State’s website at govotecolorado.gov and through RTD at rtdden.co/vote.

RTD service in Aurora was disrupted last month when an R Line train derailed at the intersection of Sable and Exposition Boulevard on Sept. 21, the second accident at that location since 2019. RTD spokesperson Marta Sipeki said that an internal investigation into the accident is still ongoing and that R Line service will not return for over another month.

“The investigation is ongoing but we do know that the service won’t resume any earlier than December,” she said.

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2 months ago

Not sure how this encourages voter participation, but OK.

2 months ago
Reply to  Joe

Especially in some areas of the metro region, ballot boxes and polling places are really far apart and hard to get reach for many residents – sometimes, people have to take a bus to reach them. If the bus is free on election days so, it removes a barrier for people who can’t afford bus fare to get to their voting location!

Dennis Duffy
Dennis Duffy
2 months ago

RTD is a joke, a co worker must spend 9 dollars one way to work. 9x2x5x52, almost 5k to use PUBLIC TRANSPORT.