LETTERS: Kids need clean air


Editor: Every day at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. I have an alarm that tells me to remind my 16-year-old kid to take his asthma medication.

In the last two years, he’s been hospitalized three times. All winter long he navigates viruses and pollution and often stays inside because of the impact of the air on his lungs. There are few things more powerful than a group of moms fighting on behalf of their children for a cause that they believe in and clean air is not just a slogan for me — it literally means the difference on whether my kid will be able to participate in sports, go to school, and live without constant medication.

Polluted air along the front range affects all of us, but developing lungs and brains are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of toxic chemicals spewed into our air by cars and trucks — some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in Colorado. Mountain Mamas has long advocated for common-sense rules like Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) that will push our state forward toward our zero-emission goals and drastically reduce our kids’ exposure to harmful pollutants. The implementation of ACT will be a win for our children, our communities, and for the planet.

Cayenna Johnson, via [email protected]

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