LETTERS: Help end food insecurity for Colorado children with Prop. FF


Editor: As an early childhood professional, mother and grandmother, I believe no
child should go hungry in Colorado. Unfortunately, child hunger in Colorado is more severe than previously thought.

More than 60,000 kids in Colorado can’t afford school meals, but they also fall short of qualifying for free and reduced-price lunch programs. In addition, nearly 40% of Colorado families struggle to put food on the table for their children. If passed by voters this November, Proposition FF, Healthy School Meals for All, will be a powerful step forward in fighting food insecurity in Colorado. Proposition FF provides the resources our schools need to prepare meals from scratch with healthy and nutritious ingredients and provides funding for schools to purchase ingredients from Colorado farmers and ranchers to use in healthy school meals.

I have seen firsthand the difference that one meal can make for a student. A preschooler who was in my class was unable to make it through the morning without melting down. This impacted his ability to engage in our activities and his ability to form friendships. We started to give him a breakfast when he came in from the bus and there was a dramatic, positive difference in this boy’s day! He did not have a behavioral issue. He was simply hungry! Studies show that providing kids with a healthy breakfast and lunch makes them more attentive and engaged in the classroom, leading to better grades, higher attendance rates, and higher graduation rates. Proposition FF gives every Colorado kid a better shot at success by ensuring they have healthy meals.

That is why I urge fellow Coloradans to vote yes on Proposition FF in November. It will help keep Colorado children healthy and allow them to thrive in school. By voting yes, we can help ensure that every child in Colorado will be able to succeed now and well into the future.

— Susan Hill, via [email protected] 

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2 months ago

Any parent who routinely sends their preschooler to school hungry should be investigated for neglect. After all it cost very little money to make a youngster a bowl of oatmeal or a breakfast burrito or a banana with peanut butter. Perhaps a legal intervention early would inspire the parents to do better. It could also connect them to many support services. Or, an inspection could discover additional hazards, neglect, or abuse in the home.