Lawmakers who voted against Biden are denounced back home


Republican members of Congress who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s presidential victory, even after a mob broke into the Capitol, are being denounced by critics in their home districts who demand that they resign or be ousted.

Protesters, newspaper editorial boards and local-level Democrats have urged the lawmakers to step down or for their colleagues to kick them out. The House and Senate can remove members with a two-thirds vote or censure or reprimand with a majority.

In Colorado, Democrats and, pointedly, Aurora Democratic Congressman Jason Crow have been critical of newly elected GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, who spoke on the House floor this week in favor of trying to undermine the Electoral College count on Jan. 6. She was supportive of the pro-Trump protests that day, tweeting that “Today is 1776.”

She later was critical of violence perpetrated by rioters but has been steadfast in support of Trump’s false claims about election fraud and his “stolen” election.

Sentinel Colorado Editorial Board has insisted she and Colorado Springs GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn resign for their parts in backing fraudulent claims and inciting violence.

While Colorado’s entire Democratic Congressional delegation is on board for removing the president from office via impeachment or the 25th Amendment, Republicans have been slow to call for more than condemnation of Wednesday’s events.

“At a time where we want our country to unify, talk of using the 25th Amendment or entering into expedited impeachment proceedings are the last thing we need,”  Boebert tweeted Friday morning. “Either Democrats are going to be honest about calls for unity or they will continue with this rhetoric. Can’t do both.”

Before rioters took to the Capitol on Wednesday Boebert, who represents Colorado’s Western Slope and southern parts of the state, tweeted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been removed from the House Floor and she was being taken to an undisclosed location for her safety.

“Lauren Boebert is a fool,” Crow told the Sentinel. “…She has no place in the Capitol.”

He’s been critical of the fellow Colorado legislator on Twitter, particularly last week after she called on her followers to contact their federal lawmakers to object to the counting of electoral votes.

“Calling yourself a patriot won’t change the fact that you’re undermining democracy,” Crow tweeted in response.

Crow said legislators who have touted the same false talking points about a fraudulent election as the president share some responsibility for this week’s riot.

In North Carolina, Rep. Madison Cawthorn “needs to be held accountable for his seditious behavior and for the consequences resulting from said behavior,” a group of Democratic officials wrote in a letter asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to expel the North Carolina freshman who took his oath of office on Jan. 3.

Cawthorn said he had a constitutional duty to vote against Biden. He condemned the violence in Wednesday’s attack, but compared it to last summer’s protests over police brutality. Those demonstrations never breached a government building during official business.

A Capitol police officer died and an officer shot and killed a woman in the mob. Three other people died from medical emergencies in the chaos, which forced lawmakers and staff members to go into hiding as the rioters roamed the halls of one of America’s most hallowed buildings.

Pelosi and other Democratic leaders in Congress are pushing to have President Donald Trump impeached for encouraging the insurrection and refusing to act to stop the violence. But they have been quiet about whether lawmakers who backed the untrue claims of voter fraud that led to the melee should be punished.

Most previous expulsions have been for members who backed the Confederacy during the Civil War or for taking bribes.

In St. Louis on Saturday, several hundred people protested against Sen. Josh Hawley, the first-term Missouri Republican who led efforts in the Senate to overturn Biden’s election. The protestors painted “RESIGN HAWLEY” in large yellow letters in the middle of the street.

A caravan of about 40 cars circled Sen. Ron Johnson’s office in Madison, Wisconsin, urging him to resign. Johnson initially supported Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud, but after the riot, he voted in favor of Biden’s win. Johnson condemned the violence but did not back off voter fraud allegations.

The editorial boards of two of Wisconsin’s biggest newspapers called for Johnson to resign, joining with editorials published across the country that targeted GOP politicians.

The Houston Chronicle, long a critic of Sen. Ted Cruz, said in an editorial that the Republican knew exactly what he was doing and what might happen when he took to the Senate floor to dispute the election results.

“Those terrorists wouldn’t have been at the Capitol if you hadn’t staged this absurd challenge to the 2020 results in the first place,” the newspaper wrote.

Cruz has called the attack a despicable act of terrorism, but he continues to push for a commission to investigate the presidential election.

In Alabama, the Decatur Daily called for local Rep. Mo Brooks to resign. The York Dispatch in Pennsylvania said congressman Scott Perry is “a disgrace to Pennsylvania and our democracy,” and if he still believes Biden’s election is fraudulent, he should resign because that means his election was bogus too. Perry condemned the Capitol violence.

The Danville Register & Bee in Virginia said its representative, Bob Good, needs to go because his words struck the matches that led to the destructive mobs. Good said his vote was to protect his constituents.

The invading Trump loyalists “confronted security personnel, and there were injuries and even deaths,” the paper’s editorial board wrote. “And you are just as guilty as they were.”


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1 year ago

The best way to unite the country is for the GOP to admit in unison that they lied and supported the lies of a lunatic! What decent human could possibly demand forgiveness, in kindergarten most people learned the correct way to be forgiven is to humble yourself, admit and take responsibility for the wrong, work to correct it, then ask for forgiveness.

State Representative Rod Bockenfeld

This issue could of quickly and easily been addressed by conducting a forensic audit on one of the challenged States. None of the States would cooperate. Why? What did they have to lose? If their elections were so secure, they had nothing to lose. The Democrats did not want to look under that rock. The Repubican Governors and Secretary of States didn’t want to loose face. The latter put their political careers before the people. This only added to suspicions.

Make no mistake, this country is deeply divided. Continuing down the road of demonizing people with differing views and suppressing people’s constitutional rights will not end up pretty.

God help us all and God Bless America.

1 year ago

Oh shut up. There have been recounts, audits, videos, observers, signature checks and a million other verifications of these elections. Nobody’s constitutional rights have been violated.

People like you feed the “suspicions” by your constant lying and misrepresentations. You lie and lie and lie, all in service of the King of LIes, Trump. Have you even read the Constitution? Obviously, you haven’t, because there’s nothing in there that says Congress picks the president, or that the vice president can reject electoral votes certified by all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Sixty lawsuits have been filed, argued and decided, all against Trump and his nonsense voter fraud claims. Know why Giuliani didn’t even try to claim fraud in the actual complaints? Because he knew that he would be disciplined, perhaps disbarred, for lying to the court. His failure to formally allege fraud in the actual court pleadings is conclusive proof that his and Trump’s bellowing about fraud was all a con, from two of the country’s more accomplished con men.

The result? Terrorists occupying the capitol building. Six people dead.

You are either a liar or a fool. Either way, you have no business representing the public.