Aurora lawmakers direct staff to study costs of city-run car impound lot


AURORA | Lawmakers voted on Monday to undertake a cost analysis of the city running its own impound lot that could store recovered stolen cars, which Aurorans currently have to pay around $200 to retrieve from a third-party facility.

M&M Towing and Impound, where cars are taken now, collected close to $1 million in fees from victims of car theft just last year, according to the city.

Councilmember Juan Marcano was the most recent council member to express discomfort with the situation, especially as the city is grappling with a rise in car thefts. The city reported 1,475 card thefts in the first quarter of 2021 and 1,857 in the same time period this year, according to  FBI Uniform Crime Reporting data.

By creating its own lot, the city has the power to control fees. Marcano said Aurora could ensure theft victims “are not further injured when they go to retrieve their property, as is currently happening.”

“We can do far, far better than that, I believe, and I think we have a duty to do so,” he said.

The resolution sponsored by Marcano and approved unanimously by the group directs city staffers to prepare an analysis of where an impound lot could be set up and what fees would have to be charged to recoup the cost of land, infrastructure and operations.

Staffers will bring their report to the Public Safety, Courts and Civil Service Policy Committee within 180 days.

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1 month ago

It was suggested years ago that the City of Aurora invest into this as it would support itself as well as other projects. Fell on deaf ears twice. Now it’s a good idea?

1 month ago

180 days? Much easier ways to do it. How many cars are impounded daily. How much does the towing cost? You need a fence, park them where the prairie dogs are on the hill above the library, hire a guard company temporarily, use clerks at city hall to collect payment. That was easy.

1 month ago

. “We can do far, far better than that, I believe, and I think we have a duty to do so,” he said.
Yes, Council Juan Marcano, you are correct, I agree. Bottom line the city does provide a duty of protection to its citizens. And to use good judgement as lawmakers to get there. But somehow, the Marcano thinking feels putting the car thieves in jail does not accomplish any of this “duty”.
Perhaps Council Marcano, thinks all these car thefts are by first timers. Think again, as this crime is done by professional/ people that do this over and over for their living. So now tell me again not putting them in jail keeps them out of their preferred occupation and away from breaking into my car, in my driveway. And just maybe, keeping the car owner that has had enough and happens to come out some early morning catching the thief red handed then taking the law in his own hands thus ending the car thieves’ career himself.    
So go ahead and study this new impound lot idea. Then go ahead and build it, they will come. The endless cycle of thieving will thrive, the lot will fill with stolen cars with predictably as long as the rats can get to the cheese without any consequences. That is another very important part of this equation. Be that as it may, some on this council continue and refuse to accept the human condition of not wanting to follow the rules but instead take the criminal path.                    

1 month ago

The city would do taxpayers a great service to study why the two city owned public parking structures sit empty most the time. Their closed half the time because of cars being vandalized and other crimes inside the structures. What’s the city doing about that? These were to be another money maker for the taxpayer, right!