QUID HAS HEARD that there could be room in Aurora for the man who brought professional football and most of the world to its knee. Seems that there was Denver football before Peyton Manning, although no one seems to be able to remember what it was like. Quid remembers: the Bronco’s former star quarterback what’s his name? Oh, yeah, Tim Tebow may soon be out of a star quarterback job again as it looks like the New York Jets will be giving him the Big Apple shiv soon. Meanwhile, after a few losses of their own, parents are rumbling grumblings about Regis Jesuit High School football coach Mark Nolan. This rag’s website is chock full of nastiness directed at Nolan’s performance this year. The Lord works in mysterious ways when it comes to football, and if Tebow can’t make the cut on yet another pro team, perhaps he’d like to join God’s team here in southeast Aurora.

AND QUID HAS HEARD of fiscal responsibility, but Councilman Bob LeGare is taking things to a new level.

During a recent meeting of the city council, the skinflint councilman made sure taxpayers weren’t wasting a dime when he questioned recreation officials about $20 for a $104,000 contract.

The recreation department prints each year a mailer to stuff their classes with as many yoga pants as possible. The city produces over 300,000 mailers each year at a cost of roughly $0.31 per

Two companies bid the city for the contract, and were only $20 apart, when Councilman LeGare wanted to know how things were so close. And where the $20 came from. And if you had any spare change.

Granted, LeGare was mostly making sure that things were fair during the bidding process, but just knowing that someone on council is sweating Jacksons instead of Benjamins makes you wonder how a budget ever gets done.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that they’re ready to build a moat around Colorado College in Colorado Springs, and those few refugee moderates and liberals left in that town are running for cover. That’s because media and railroad baron Philip Anschutz has purchased the Colorado Springs Gazette, God help them all. The transfer of one of the state’s oldest newspapers and businesses now completes Anschutz’ buying pretty much the whole town. He already owns the Broadmoor, and let’s face it folks, there really isn’t much more to the Springs than those two properties. The religious Anschutz will be a good fit in a town that spends taxpayer money on signs directing highway visitors to the Garden of the Gods, Air Force Academy and the Focus on the Family Visitor Center as if they were all on the same footing. Anschutz has made a name for himself backing conservative causes and candidates, and everyone knows that his wildly successful online Examiner project is the epitome of excellent journalism — someone else’s. Quid’s sympathies go out to fellow hacks at the Gazette, who put a brave face on being railroaded into Anschutz minons, writing that the news is good and that the paper is now controlled by a man who “loves Colorado Springs … We will inform, persuade and entertain.” And Quid will roll down the windows cruising through that town, briefly, and salute you.