QUID HAS HEARD that city hoo-haws had better do something soon before the corpse of the City and County of Aurora starts stinking up the place. Seems that no matter how many times Mayor Steve “Sisyphus” Hogan has rolled the notion of creating a City and County of Aurora up the political hills in Arapahoe and Adams counties, nobody cares. Nobody’s really ever cared except a few, we lucky few, who think that as the center of the universe, Aurora should at least have what Broomfield’s got. Enthusiasm for doing anything to roll this albatross up the hill or over the cliff is so absent that city council members couldn’t even muster the bluster to officially kill the idea at this week’s city council meeting, where it was scheduled to be euthanized. The idea was already getting pretty ripe, prompting your faithful hack to suggest they do the deed soon before Adams County moves the jail to Sterling or Arapahoe County puts the kibosh on all the city’s urban renewal plans. Nothing sadder than holding a memorial service for a political cadaver and having to try and give it mouth-to-mouth at the same time.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that the elephant in the crowded GOP room filled with conservatives trying to become the front runner in the race to unseat Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet is none other than Donald Trump. At a 9News TV debate among the only eight candidates they could fit on a cramped stage, job one was to question wide-eyed contenders about whether they would support The Donald if he wins the Republican nomination, at the GOP convention or after a federal lawsuit. Rather than allowing wily candidates to explain away in a non-answer, debate hosts made them raise their hands if they would stump for Trump. All eight hands went up, and then each one took turns explaining how unsavory and unavoidable it would be for every Republican to vote for a man acclaimed to be a dangerous, uncouth, pompous, racist, uncorked, fascist, demagogue and better than any Democrat. Gotta give The Donald a big hand.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that after California and New York paved the way for the rest of the nation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, crickets in Aurora and the rest of Colorado.