QUID NUNC: A Coffman in Cleveland, and a mayor late for supper


QuidBadge5.16.12QUID HAS HEARD that the lost art of letter-writing is alive and well in Aurora, right there next to the on-again, off-again and on-again-again dysfunction of your friendly city councilors. Not more than a week after the A-Town politburo — headed up by Mayor Steve “Salvador” Hogan and Ward V Councilman Bob Roth — stirred the political pot with a passive-aggressive gut-shot of a missive aimed not so subtly at Ward IV Rabble Rouser Charlie “Point of Order” Richardson, everyone managed to tuck away their grievances by this Monday to unite in support for Aurora’s police. The show of support for Aurora’s finest wasn’t so much a demonstration for the men and women in blue — Quid will pay good money to anyone who can find someone on the dais to publicly say a cross word about any Officer Friendly. What the letter really represents is the ability of your elected officials to actually play nice and all be on the same page. Sadly, the feel-good effects of that city hall harmony was quickly dashed with Monday evening’s study session, in which the usual head-scratching and grumbling reared its ugly head. The few folks assembled were left to chit-chat about city expansion, infrastructure projects and special elections — getting bogged down and limping toward the finish line so that Hizzoner Salvador Steve could dash out of the building and only be fashionably late to dinner with hotel developers. In fact, Hogan was in such a rush to put the bumbling meeting to bed, he ended up executing a procedural no-no by casting a vote when the city’s own code of ordinances forbids it. Quid would like to remind city council: It’s not good to govern on an empty stomach. Have a Snicker’s.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that while Aurora Congressman Mike Coffman and a number of other Colorado Republicans wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near the coronation of Donald Trump over in Cleveland this week, the square state’s first family of conservatism was represented at the rockin’ and rollin’ convention. Turns out that Attorney General Cynthia Coffman was spotted by Post scribe John Frank leaving an event in the Cleve after her office previously deflected questions as to whether she would show. It’s left to your imagination what our A.G. was doing there. Laying the ground work for 2018? Keeping state GOP chair Steve House in line? Quid knows Coffman is a savvy pol, so don’t expect any more failed coups after the news out of Istanbul and the #NeverTrump crowd.