PERRY: Trump’s malignancy threatens the nation, and each of us, now more than ever


In Vladimir Putin’s wildest dreams, he could never have imagined Donald Trump would wreak the damage he has on the United States, not only in his four years as president, but especially in the few weeks since voters ended that role. 

History will be unequivocal illustrating that no single person has inflicted the level and depth of harm to America and Americans as has Trump.

And yet, he becomes more menacing to the republic almost every day as Republicans stand by sheepishly, or even participate in his fervent atrocities.

The endless Facebook tirades and Rudy Giuliani side shows have already reduced our democracy to a parody of itself ever since Trump lost the election on Nov. 3. Saturday, however, became a historic day for a man who was rightfully impeached not even a year ago for extorting his own justice department while being investigated for colluding with the Russians to win his office. During an hour-long taped conversation Saturday with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Trump menacingly tried to extort state officials into falsifying Georgia election results under the guise of election integrity. He isn’t sulking. He’s desperately looking for a way to pull off a seditious coup, overthrow the U.S. government and the rightful next president, Joe Biden.

Trump carried out his creepy, delusional telephone rant like a third-rate actor from a lame TV reality show.

He has turned the presidency into a scammy infomercial for scammy infomercials.

“All I want to do is this,” Trump said in his phlegmy bay during the phone call to Raffensperger and Georgia Secretary of State attorney Ryan Germany. “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.”

During the call, Trump and his unsavory lawyers eschewed a cavalcade of lies and baseless allegations of election fraud, almost all of which have been repeatedly debunked.  

Deep into the conversation, when it was clear Raffensperger wasn’t having Trump’s shakedown, the president threatened Raffensperger and Germany. He told them they could both be criminally liable for failing to reveal thousands of ballots in Fulton County that Trump insists have been illegally destroyed.

There is no evidence to support Trump’s claim, numerous government, justice and media sources have reported.

“That’s a criminal offense,” Trump said. “And you can’t let that happen,” adding that he was putting them “on notice,” at that moment.

When Raffensperger and Germany pushed back on demands to undermine state law and disclose voter information protected by law, Trump said they should do it anyway because they “illegally” had allowed for election fraud.

In a testament to bad art imitating a despicable life, Trump played the villain mobster, telling Raffensperger he was making angry people, who were “laughing” at him, even more angry. Trump said that by Raffensperger not going along with the Trump scheme, the Georgia Secretary of State was committing a crime. He told him that Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams was also laughing at him, because he was doing her bidding. He said Raffensperger was being used by people who would never vote for him. Then Trump sadistically mentioned the daughter of a Georgia elections employee, the target of Trump’s quack legal team. “I mean, I’ll, I’ll take on anybody you want with regard to (the redacted name of the employee) and her lovely daughter, a very lovely young lady, I’m sure.”

Trump rolled out the same lame mob-boss act to Germany.

“Why don’t you want to find this, Ryan?” Trump huffed into his end of the phone. “What’s wrong with you? I heard your lawyer is very difficult, actually, but I’m sure you’re a good lawyer. You have a nice last name.”

It’s as if Trump believes that everyone he meets, or at least every Republican he corners, is as vapid or corrupt as his revolving stable of sycophants and tools. Trump clearly expects people like Raffensperger to do his bidding, just like senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz. They’re both sordid profligates, who four years ago unleashed endless, well-founded slurs against Trump, now only to flatter the president and his supporters, to suit their own ends.

And these political vermin continue unabated.

If there are heroes to this dismal American saga, they are the courageous people like Raffensperger, who has been pilloried by Trump’s regime and cult members for standing firm in the face of relentless abuse for his honesty and integrity. There were heroes like deceased Sen. John McCain and Republicans like Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, unafraid to tell Trump and his sycophants that conservatism and the Republican Party are not based on lying, cheating and skulduggery.

Trump has now cornered the nation. Congressional Republicans, military leaders, state officials across the nation and each of us are now faced with choosing right over wrong, good over evil, Trump over America.

Listen to the tape for yourself. Think hard. Choose wisely.  

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