LETTER: Years as a DA, George Brauchler was blind to racism under his nose


EDITOR: Former Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler talks about justice in very odd ways.

He claims, now as a conservative talk-radio-show host and regular Denver Post op-ed columnist, with the fire and brimstone fervor of old-time preachers, that the “Rittenhouse circus” will be coming to Denver to wreak havoc and destruction during the Elijah McClain trial.

In his years as a prosecutor has Brauchler not noticed one iota of racial injustice in the courtroom/justice system?

Apparently not.  But many others have.  They’ve lived it for far too long. That is why they, and their allies such as the three shot by Rittenhouse, take to the streets.  To give voice to their frustration of justice denied in the courtroom.

Fear mongering has long been used by those wishing to turn humans into illogical ruthless weapons.  Employing the fear of “others” is a strong tool that blurs one’s logic and changes one’s behavior.  Why does George use this tactic in his column?  Does he want vigilantes to come out during the McClain trial to prove his prediction of dire civil unrest?

There were plenty of informed voices within the justice system saying that a long second look at the circumstances around Elijah McClain”s death was warranted.  A state grand jury agreed.  But Brauchler will take exception to any and every thing Gov. Jared Polis and Attorney General Phil Weiser do.  After all, they live in Mr. Brauchler’s head rent free.

— Lynne Popkowski, Littleton via [email protected]

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Donald Black
Donald Black
5 months ago

The fact that law enforcement has now become subject to the emotional politics rampant in today’s society bodes ill for all of us . Obviously, there have been injustices in the past that have been covered up by unethical men. George Brauchler is exposing some uncomfortable truths that regular police officers can’t tell you. If we continue with the warped racist rant that creates more hatred and excuses for crime, then we will suffer the consequences as a society. The damage done by the vague police reform bill and the constant accusations against the police, are clouding the justice system. The activists are afraid to let the police talk. Chiefs are political animals who won’t speak about the real problems. Good police officers work with facts. That is why charges against the officers in the Elijah McClain case were not warranted. Aristotle said something to the effect that justice was about reason, not passion. The Rittenhouse trial was about facts and reason. Those pushing the rioting are about emotion with no concern for others. No matter who they hurt, they can excuse it. Excusing this destructive hysteria puts all of our futures at risk .

Debra MacKillop
Debra MacKillop
5 months ago

I don’t think Brauchler was blind, I think he is a racist assisting racism within in the system, and his constant opinion pieces since he left office show that.

5 months ago

Same reason that you probably will not see this comment. As I have seen with all my prior comments, since 1 January this year, it will be held for approval, and then CANCELED, since I am a Conservative, and waited 40 plus years to vote for Donald Trump. I served in AF 26 years 18 days, and learned to check everything, since Commanders realized I had answers, and when questioned, “I was the to go-to guy. And I did, and after retiring, Idid the same for Gov. Owens, and for politicians, families, retirees, veterans, in Civilian Life. AF 1950 to 1976, and Politics 1991 to few years ago, when age and health, caught up to me. I turn 92 this week. but Denver Post and Sentinel, no longer accept my comments. I bought residence in Aurora in 1963, moved back to it, in Feb 1977.——
——–Now TO MY COMMENT. DA was assistant chief Sheriff’s office in Jefferson County, but had no chance, ever to lead that office, due to politics there. Our Sheriff in Arapahoe County (SULLIVAN) talked him into moving to Aurora, and serving as deputy here, and he became officers in Arapahoe County. He was well aware of Juevenile actions in Jefferson County, and also in Arapahoe County, as well as Colorado. But Parents were blind to what their children were up to, with so many vehicles, and ease of travel. Same as now. Teachers, leaders were telling the youth, what they could do, and had rights. And Parents were bypassed.
Wife and I informed children that Police were issued a gun and badge, when hired, giving them right to kill if orders not obeyed. And in our household, wife or I, was the SUPREME COURT. No matter who told them differently, when or if they were not satisfied with that, they could leave, but we would not be responisble for whatever happened. Wife and I have been married 69 years, have daughter 67, son 65, and youngest son 62. No jail time, or prison, and same for their children, and our great grandchildren who are 3 and 6. Have a good Thanksgiving, or as good as possible, under PANDEMIC.

When will Conservatives be seen writing for Post or Sentinel again? You know 75 million of us voted for Trump, with good reason, and results. Not what we have seen this year from this Administration. Think Biden had Colin checked yesterday, to find why so many crappy decisions have been forced this year. Just say, I was hoping?