LETTER: The Sentinel is better with Perry calling out true and false


EDITOR: I read in the Oct. 1 Sentinel edition criticism of Sentinel Editor Dave Perry’s editorial work The Sentinel would be far better off without Editor Dave Perry.”

The letter called to my attention that The Sentinel has broadcasts beyond the print edition, and I’ll order a subscription.
Of course everything is disliked by someone, but true and false are solid concepts, and I appreciate that Perry mentions it when there is confusion elsewhere.
It’s striking that recent attention to social media is an effort to find a way to edit newspaper content.  It turns out that when anybody can say anything to everybody, a lot of the speech ranges from disingenuous to destructive.
In an El Paso, Texas bar, I saw a guy have a pool cue busted on his head because he was loudly telling offensive jokes about Mexicans. Nobody was clear what happened, and he left.  He had exercised his right to free speech.  Many people have trouble when nobody edits their face-to-face speech, and it helps keep us civil.
Thank’s to Perry and The Sentinel for continued circulation and news coverage.
— George Meitzner, Aurora, via [email protected]
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15 days ago

Hey Dave Perry, here’s an opportunity. Have George start the DAVE PERRY FANCLUB. Seems he would make a good President of said club.

Alas, I won’t be joining.