LETTERS: The Sentinel would be far better off without Editor Dave Perry


EDITOR: My comments are directed toward Editor Dave Perry. Pretty much anything he writes he pours his opinion into it, even his summaries of the stories for the day.

He writes his opinion pieces, which I am not sure why the paper bothers running. It seems like his goal is to divide the community. If the media would just write both sides of every story and let people decide for themselves, that would be refreshing.

Other stories in Sentinel Colorado always seemed to be factual and not opinionated.

I grew up in Colorado reading the various Sentinel Newspapers. I used to love the positive stories about good things people in the community did.

Over the years in Aurora, it seems like Perry has had some sort of agenda, and that any chance he gets, he takes shots at anything he doesn’t like.

How is that supposed to build the credibility of your newspaper? I know that writing to the paper is a waste of time and that nothing will change. But, maybe Perry should ask himself why nobody trusts the media, and why newspapers are quickly going away.

I do like so much about the Sentinel but it is getting harder and harder to want to read, especially when I get the daily Edition email, and it is Perry writing about the stories of the day.

— Lee in Aurora, via [email protected]

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Dale G Nichols
Dale G Nichols
7 months ago

If there are two sides to a story, but one side is true and the other is lies, for the media to treat both sides equally would be a disservice to the community. Reporters can include analysis with their reporting and editors are expected to call ’em as they see ’em.

Don Black
Don Black
7 months ago

Unfortunately, editor Perry decides what is true without any real knowledge of many of the topics. No adult discussion, only black and white snap judgements.