LETTER: Stop the political attacks on women’s health care


Editor: It is not our place to judge someone facing a difficult diagnosis or pregnancy complication and we certainly shouldn’t take away health care options. It is bad health policy and downright cruel to make an already tough situation that much worse, but that is exactly what Proposition 115 would do.

This ballot question is part of an organized attack on the right to abortion. As with other restrictions, it will fall hardest on people who are already struggling to make ends meet, care for themselves and their families and obtain the health services they need. Simply put, this is another political attacks on the backs of marginalized people.

Whether it is abortion bans like this one that are being pushed throughout the country or the laws that put up extra barriers, this is about a calculated agenda to take away all access to abortion. It is about taking away the ability to make our own decisions. It is about controlling the decisions of low-income women and women of color and denying us the agency and autonomy in our own reproductive lives.

I urge Coloradans to resist political interference into decisions about our health and families.

— Karla Gonzales Garcia, via [email protected]