LETTER: Steve House will stand up for CD6 values


Editor: For someone to serve their community well they need to know the people in it, know their diverse concerns, opportunities and values. That’s why I’m so impressed with Steve House, our candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.  

Steve consistently demonstrates his desire and ability to serve all of our community. He’s met with numerous groups in the Black and Hispanic communities such as the African Leadership Group, Black Pastor’s Association, and the SARCO Hispanic Group to understand what’s important to them so as to better serve them. He’s spending time with school leaders and chambers of commerce across the district to so he can help our schools and economy flourish once in office.  

Steve’s background and collaborative leadership will serve our diverse community well.  He is an entrepreneur, engineer, and health-care expert who will prioritize solutions for local Coloradans over the politics of Washington D.C.  

While Steve House is building relationships in our community, Jason Crow is busy allying himself with radical Democrat socialist Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and police-defunder Ilhan Omar. He has voted 92% of the time in agreement with them. Additionally, almost 85% of Crow’s big dollar campaign funding comes from out of district and out of state. Does Crow actually represent our community’s voices and values?

Steve House wants to unify our community. He knows we all value similar things: safe homes and schools, opportunity and prosperity, the best education for our children, and healthy, productive lives. Let’s elect Steve House to boldly represent our community’s values!

— Chris Baker, via [email protected]