LETTER: It’s time to stop Trump


DEAR EDITOR: There’s really no point to beating around the bush.

There are horrifying, inhumane atrocities being committed by Trump and his regime at the border. He’s displaying tanks and fighter jets at his 4th of July rally purely to stroke his own ego. Ivanka and Jared are allowed to saunter in and out of meetings with world leaders, and this president is cuddling up to fascist dictators and presenting them as role models.

Why is this allowed to continue? When will the House and Senate do their jobs? Why haven’t impeachment proceedings been initiated?

To my elected officials, Rep. Crow and Sens. Gardner and Bennet I say: Please explain to me, and to the rest of the concerned citizens of the United States why nothing is being done to curtail this behavior.

— Terri Hill, via [email protected]