Regis Jesuit and Grandview girls basketball players are separated after Grandview’s Alisha Davis (5) knocked a Raiders’ player to the floor during a regular season match up between the two teams on Dec. 12, 2018, at Regis Jesuit High School. Photo by Courtney Oakes/The Sentinel
  • Regis and Grandview players are separated after a punch was thrown by Alisha Davis, 5, during a regular season match up between the two teams, Dec. 12 at Regis. Photo by Courtney Oakes/The Sentinel
  • Grandview forward Alisha Davis, 5, is momentarily backed away by Regis Jesuit Athletic Director John Koslosky before exiting the court after landing a punch to Regis guard Gracie Weigand, during a regular season contest between the two teams, Dec. 12 at R
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AURORA | A former Denver Broncos linebacker reportedly physically assaulted the athletic director of the Regis Jesuit High School Girls Division Wednesday night, inflicting injuries that sent him to the hospital, according to witness and other reports.

Following a blowout girls basketball game between Grandview High School and Regis Jesuit High School, former Broncos linebacker Andra Davis, 39, reportedly physically assaulted Regis Jesuit Girls Division Athletic Director John Koslosky, who is also an assistant coach.

Witnesses said the incident occurred just after the game in a hallway leading to locker rooms.

It was unclear from witness reports how and where Davis struck Koslosky, and the extent of his injuries. Koslosky was taken to a local hospital, but has since been released.

Aurora police said Friday evening that news may come Monday in regards to the assault investigation.

Sources declined to go on record regarding the incident as none were authorized to comment publicly.

The alleged attack occurred after Davis’ daughter became embroiled in a fracas on the court earlier in the game.

No arrests have been made, but an investigation into the incident remains active with the Aurora Police Department, according to Matt Longshore, spokesman for APD.

Davis’ daughter, Alisha, is a forward for Grandview. Officials from the Cherry Creek School District declined to comment on the incident, citing the ongoing police investigation.

Police had three off-duty officers working at the event, and additional patrollers were called to help with traffic flow and crowd control following the game, Longshore said.

The Regis Jesuit team won the game between the local rivals by 27 points.

In the waning moments of the game, with Regis Jesuit leading by 25 points, Alisha Davis punched a Raiders player in the throat after fouling out of the game. Moments after throwing the punch, Alisha ran off the court. She was later ejected.

The Regis Jesuit player who was punched sustained no serious injuries, according to Charisse Broderick King, spokeswoman for Regis Jesuit.

Andra Davis reportedly got into a scuffle with Koslosky after the game as a result of Alisha’s altercation.

Live-streamed video of the basketball game shows Koslosky briefly directed Alisha to the Grandview bench in an apparent effort to de-escalate the situation. After deliberation from referees, two technical fouls were assessed to Davis and the game continued.

Citing an ongoing police investigation, Broderick King declined to specifically comment on the incident, but confirmed an “altercation” took place at the school last night. 

Broderick King also declined to specify whether the school or Koslosky would pursue criminal charges.

Davis, now retired, played 10 seasons in the National Football League, including one with the Broncos from 2009 to the 2010. Davis is 6-feet, 1-inch tall and weighs about 255 pounds, according to his player profile on