Republican State Rep. JoAnn WIndholz

AURORA | Critics have begun an effort to recall Adams County state Rep. JoAnn Windholz following comments she made this week about Planned Parenthood being responsible for a deadly shooting at one of their clinics in Colorado Springs.

Two people both critical of Windholz’ comments became acquainted on social media this week and decided to begin the recall effort, using Facebook themselves to make the recall happen. Leading the process is Steve Cohn of Longmont, and Naomi Bigwood of Adams County, who lives in House District 3o, represented by Windholz.

Calls and emails to Windholz were not returned.

Windholz lives in Adams County and represents north Aurora. Earlier this week she posted a statement on her political Facebook page saying Planned Parenthood in some way brought the violent shooting upon themselves by providing abortion services.

“Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit,” Windholz wrote on her Facebook page. “The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any (Planned Parenthood) facility, is (Planned Parenthood) themselves. Violence begets violence. So (Planned Parenthood), YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS.”

Cohn, who has volunteered as a Democrat for statewide campaigns in the past, said he was motivated to push for a recall after being incensed by the first-year legislator’s remarks.

“…Windholz has NO BUSINESS governing Colorado in any capacity,” Cohn and Bigwood said on a Facebook site dedicated to her recall. “Irresponsible rhetoric like hers is what caused the shooting.”

Cohn and Bigwood began “Recall State Representative JoAnn Windholz” on Tuesday and said they’re asking for volunteers and plan to submit paperwork to state officials before the end of the week. The Facebook site had more than 500 “likes” as of Thursday afternoon.

Cohn said he’s reached out to state and county Democratic Party officials but has not yet met with them about a potential recall effort.

Lynn Bartels, spokeswoman for the Colorado Secretary of State’s office,  said the petitioners would need 4,715 valid voter signatures to force the recall, which is 25 percent of all votes cast for the House District 30 race in the last election.

Steve House, Colorado’s GOP chairman, said the comments Windholz made do not reflect the views of the Colorado Republican Party. He said the party will not ask Windholz to resign because of the comments.

“We have and will continue to condemn acts of violence, regardless of the motivations behind them,” he said in a statement. “Violence, under any circumstance, is never acceptable.” 

When asked about his own efforts being criticized as a growing “recall politics” movement in Colorado, Cohn said he was aware of recent recalls in the state and region and felt confident his efforts were justified.

“This isn’t about it being a policy matter that we don’t agree with. This is about an elected official condoning the murder of a police officer,” Cohn said. “This is about incendiary rhetoric. She did the same things as yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.”

Windholz has acknowledged writing the Facebook statement, as first reported by the Colorado Independent. The post caused a wave of outrage in the district, the state and drew criticism from across the country.

The Aurora Sentinel published an editorial calling for Windholz to resign or for her own party officials to censure her for the statement.

Cohn said he would likely ask for legal help from pro-abortion-rights activists to get the process started, but he and Bigwood were willing to head up and implement the recall effort themselves if they had to, unless Windholz resigned first or was censured by party officials or fellow members of the state House.

“This woman has to go,” he said.

Karen Middleton, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, said Windholz’ comments were “beyond the pale.”

“Representative Windholz doesn’t represent the will of the voters in Colorado or her own district, as she has now made embarrassingly obvious to the people of Adams County. A majority of Coloradans support a woman’s right to make her own private health care decisions without government interference. That has been affirmed by landslide margins on anti-abortion ballot measures,” she said in a statement. “When you are a member of the Colorado General Assembly, your private speech is never private, and hateful rhetoric from an elected official reflects poorly on all of us.” 

Aurora Democratic State Senator Morgan Carroll, who is challenging Republican Rep. Mike Coffman next year for the Sixth Congressional District seat, said in a statement that Windholz needs to retract her statement and apologize to the victims of the Colorado Springs shooting or step down.

“It’s deeply disturbing and dangerous for Rep. JoAnn Windholz to blame Planned Parenthood and the victims of this attack for this atrocity,” she said.

Carroll also called on Coffman to ask Windholz to retract the statement and offer an apology.

164 replies on “Colorado GOP officials won’t ask Windholz to resign as recall effort starts because of Planned Parenthood comments”

  1. Sad! The GOP has become a morass of asininity. The late great Bill Buckley must be turning in his grave.

      1. Face it, it was insensitive, crass, too soon and shifted blame from a murderous, deranged extremist domestic terrorist to innocent people providing LEGAL healthcare to women. This isn’t about “saving babies” – its about punishing ‘the bad women’ – in other words, its a modern-age stoning

          1. That is you OPINION- not fact. We do not all have to accept YOUR moral beliefs. Not all of us believe abortion is a sin. Hence the separation of church and state.

          2. Well, if the people providing abortions are hardly innocent, I would venture that the greatest abortionist in history is the alleged deity of the bible itself. For example: For those who take a literal view of the bible; how many women and children were drowned in that worldwide flood? Or how about Moses actions (under guidance from god) in Numbers 31? Of course, you should never taunt a bald headed prophet either…bears don’tcha know…

          3. Perhaps in your mind they’re not. But what they’re doing is perfectly legal and protected by the US constitution.

          4. Those people murdered by your pig brethren were not providing abortions. Your death would be far more welcome than theirs.

  2. Condoning the cold-blooded murder of a police officer AND a military veteran AND a mother of two. Three innocent lives taken, 9 others injured (some critically), many lives shattered including two babies who will never know their mother. Windholz is not only unfit to serve, she is barely fit to call herself a human being. This is below despicable; beyond politics, and utterly unjustifiable. Where is the Republican party to condemn her comments? Nobody can stand up for this.

    1. I just still can’t really figure out why or how pro-life became such a steadfast agenda item for them. They seem to trumpet separation of church and state, yet this is imposing religious beliefs on enforcing government laws. It’s just so absurd. I wish they’d just focus on being fiscally conservative.

  3. “Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit,” Windholz wrote on her Facebook page. “The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any (Planned Parenthood) facility, is (Planned Parenthood) themselves. Violence begets violence. So (Planned Parenthood), YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS.”

    Just wanted to repost. Excellent comment.

      1. I do support what Planned Parenthood does, as we don’t need any more unwanted being born. With that said, she is right..

          1. Must be saying the pre – 1954 (under god insertion) pledge of allegiance and giving the ‘Bellamy salute’.

      2. So tearing apart a baby isn’t violent? Puncturing it’s head is not violent? What is your definition of violent. do you have one?

    1. @Aldo – that VET and the COP that were killed had nothing to do with your disagreement over abortion rights. Please tell us again why Windholz’s crass statement is “excellent”

      We already know what she said…your point was simply ….what ?

      1. Planned Parenthood plays a role in inciting the violence it attracts. People would not be protesting outside their facility if they were an ice cream parlor.

        1. Planned Parenthood provides needed and legal services, and the only thing that needs to be done is imprison and execute right-wing garbage that supports terrorism to try to prevent others from exercising their rights.

    2. You do not get to legislate your morality!! I don’t care what you believe, and as an American, YOU do not get to decide for me what I believe. STOP imposing your morality on the rest of us!!

      1. Mmmm….yes we do. Murder has always been legislated. The babies body is not YOUR body, it is someone else’s body – get it?

        1. Murder is what the the piece of trash like you committed. You are defending subhuman filth that murdered completely innocent women and children, and you need to be held to the light as the diseased scum you are.

    3. The phrase “violence begets violence” (or “hate begets hate”)
      means that violent behavior promotes other violent behavior, in return.
      The phrase has been used for over 50 years, as in speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1958)[1] or the news report “Study: TV Violence Begets Violence” by CBS News (March 2003).

    4. Wow! aldo continues his/her oddessy into the intellectual wilderness of leprechauns and hobgoblins.

      aldo’s a real comedian without realizing it!

    5. You and Windholz are both endorsers of domestic terrorism and murder. Congratulations, pig, you are officially the garbage of America.

  4. Liberals are always ready to call for recalls, recounts, whatever to get elections right… They cannot accept defeat.. Al Gore..

    When crazy liberal like Obama makes stupid comments like he is not afraid of terrorists.. why no call for recalls?

    1. Right wing anti-abortion ‘activists’ resort to violence and intimidation whenever the democratic process fails to deliver “THEIR” outcome. Nothing excuses this.

      Liberals accept defeat (Kerry) but correctly call out stolen elections (Bush/Ohio/Florida)

      Your characterization of Obama as a “crazy liberal” is both laughable and reveals you to be ignorant and uninformed.

      1. Right Wing? The PP shooter was a registered Democrat in the Carolinas, and unaffiliated in Colorado. His drug and sexual habits are very left wing.

        1. Wow. Since when do “drug and sexual habits” have party affiliations? I think you’re projecting.

          1. That’s funny! “Leftists in Hollywood has turned television into a sewer”.

            aldo here is a gun nut and meets the standard deviation for wing nut loonies with this brilliant comment.

    2. You must be confusing Democrats with republican theocratists that fail to recognize the law of the land and the Constitution that gives us rights under law.

    3. Liberals this! Liberals that! Seems the wing nut paranoids like mcs here can’t get enough of Al Gore and President Obama.

      Poor babies must have trouble sleeping their minds filled with visions of donald The Quack trump and abortionists on the loose.

      Have pity on them for they know no better given their level of intolerance and stupidity.

    4. O’Rly? Like when the NRA and Kochs chipped in to recall Morse and Giron in 2013? That succeeded by the way, until the 2 Republican replacements got their asses handed back to them in 2014. So, thank the GOP for recent Colorado precedence as far as recalls.

  5. Inflammatory rhetoric caused the shooting??? NO!!! A defective person caused the shooting. These dem losers who are trying to recall the Rep for saying something wrong should themselves be recalled for saying something equally wrong…

      1. You obviously fail to inderstand that an abortion is a very violent method of killing someone. Rhetoric doesn’t make people violent. Violent acts, like aborting healthy unborn children, can provoke more violence.

        1. I’m a practicing Pastafarian. Can I get some of my religious beliefs enacted into law? I assure you that mine are just as valid and just as holy as yours. Mine are a little bit more fun, however.
          But that’s neither here nor there. If we’re building a theocracy, I definitely want to be on the planning committee.

          1. Some aspects of Rastafarianism are fun I’ll grant you… But just because certain laws that are based on moral decency and a sense of right and wrong coincide with Christian teachings doesn’t mean a theocracy is being instituted… Many of our laws are based on Christian Scripture, and many laws are opposed by Scripture… Did you know 41 of our State Constitutions state that elected officials shall be men of good Christian character?

          2. Which, obviously, violates Article Six of the United States Constitution, thus rendering those documents invalid. Really? 41 states have completely unenforceable clauses in their founding documents? And we have hundreds of politicians of every stripe who regularly make the false claim that this is a Christian nation, while repeatedly attempting to enact legislation based on fundamentalist dogma. Banning abortion, for example. Fortunately, even though slightly more Americans consider themselves “pro-life”, very few of them favor making all abortions illegal. But zealots thirst for power, so lot’s of them hold office and continue to promote an idea that most Americans don’t support. And lately, their rhetoric has become outlandish and deadly.

            (oh…and I said “PASTAfarian (CFSM), not Rastafarian (Abrahamic))

          3. Yup – you got it. Our founding fathers, in the documents they wrote, clearly cited divine intervention (one nation, under God) – and when was the last time you saw any currency without In God We Trust imprinted… I can go on and on… The founding fathers understanding of God was in the Judeo-Christian tradition (an indisputable fact)… But an out-of-control legal system has eroded the original intents of our founders… The word marriage is not in the US Constitution, yet the Supreme Court doesn’t mind handling DOMA and Gay marriage issues, which areclearly state issues… No one side is innocent and no o e side is more guilty than the other, so hyperpartisan fingerpointing and accusations like occur on these threads is ridiculous…

          4. Here are the facts:
            1. <1% of pregnancies are due to rape, incest, or other horrific events.
            2. <1% of pregnancies result in fetal abnormalities or threaten the mother's life.
            3. 11% of pregnancies are due to contraception failures.
            That's 12% of all pregnancies. 88% are due to 2 people making a decision to have unprotected sex.

            As for me, and I think most people agree, for the 12%, abortion is a viable option, and mercy always triumphs over judgment. There are extremists on both sides – abort everything, and abort nothing. But for the 88% (more than 1 million abortions/year), it's an horrific problem. People are outraged over the number of gun deaths and DUI deaths (each barely 10,000/year), so of course 1 million abortions/year will get most people outraged. It's easy to see how some view it as genocide in a civilized country. And should someone express that view, they're castigated as extreme and radical and not fit to serve in public office.

          5. Before you get too far afield with that statement about Christian in Constitution, go back and read DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Those folks back then were very well educated, and knew the value of words. Not like some of todays world.
            This nation was formed, and our rights were from our creator, in pursuit of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Even though the writers and representatives were of several different religions. but not Muslim, and they definitely did not want to follow Church of England, with a government religion. So be very careful with that thought you and others have.
            And we have some rights from natural law that give us unalienable rights.

          6. That point of view simply doesn’t withstand scrutiny. The Founders were indeed men of letters, educated and sophisticated. And they very carefully crafted a nation that was specifically NOT founded on Christian principals or grounded in Biblical dogma. And they said so, on several occasions. And as you must very well know, “in God We Trust” was inserted LONG after the Founders original work. I don’t need to join your church to have inalienable rights. Those are “Human Rights”, and we have an obligation to each other, as humans, to protect them. Not because somebody claimed that their Invisible Friend thought of them first.

          7. You can argue, twist in the wind, spin and declare the Constitution a living document, as so many have. But in that Declaration of Independence, they plainly said those “inalienable rights came from our creator. And the Human Rights were also designated as being from our creator. They did not specify a religion because they did not intend a government designated church, such as the church of England.
            And there is plenty of room in our bibles (all the different versions) to spin, twist, or not to believe if that is what you want individually. You and your family can disagree of which church is best, most high, or not believe. Or you can believe in the flying pancake if you want.
            However, Koran and Bible are opposite of each other, when Koran designates politics, religion, and to force everyone to accept Allah, or pay taxes to Allah to show compliance. They cannot co-exist, as crusades proved in 7 of them, over many centuries. Same goes for the human invasion from 193 countries of illegal aliens, crossing our borders to live within our country, and suck off benefits, that our ancestors left home country, to get away from.
            And none of those signers to the Constitution or Bill of Rights ever gave up their own church, religion, or opinions. Just as here, you want to argue, and that is not my intentions, or desire. I simply state my opinions, my beliefs. You can choose to accept them or reject them, but I will not argue or change my opinion. You and no one else has such a superior intellect, to do that, over my experiences, life work, and career. And I formed mine over a broader span of administration, with good and bad presidents, legislation, and changes, than you have.
            Air Force, and my management, contacts with foreign government officials, work with our joint services, in very sensitive positions, which let me look back and even question myself. But I have the photos, documents, and performance reports (copies) to prove I did it, and my superiors up to and including 4 stars prove that.
            Have you ever told an Admiral that where the ocean cable broke in Mariana Strait, “was over his head”. I did, and then apologized for being flippant. Gave him the information he asked for after identifying himself, and gave him map reference. His next statement was “Thank you, Sergeant. my staff officers will have a copy of that map on their desks, this afternoon”. And he was surprised that I had that information, being Air Force Sergeant, Satellite Communications Controller (1 of 5) for Pacific, had ocean cable and depths so readily available. (By the way, those satellites were 32,000 miles in space, and effected by sun bursts, so Al Gore has some education needed, about global warming. Space bodies in elliptical patterns around sun, cause ice ages, and warming on irregular scheduling. Mother Nature still has lot to do with human activities.

          8. We are all, every one of us, molded and influenced by our own life experience. The person that we become and the opinions that we hold are, for the most part, an amalgam of the wisdom we’ve received from others and the events which we have witnessed with our own eyes. But sometimes those opinions; the beliefs that we sincerely hold and trust, are simply wrong.

            Your attempt to contrast the effect of solar particle bursts on sensitive electronics in space with the consequences of dumping millions of tons of carbon into the planetary atmosphere for decades is one example of that. Expertise in one area rarely translates to understanding in an entirely different branch of science. A t.v. weatherman is not a climate scientist; he doesn’t have same level of education or familiarity with the pertinent research and data. So his opinion on climate change, like yours, is largely uninformed, relying more on emotion and bias than science.

            You did not claim to be a Constitutional scholar, and neither do I. Clearly we each approach that conversation with different backgrounds and bias. We can agree that the Founders took care not to enshrine ANY specific church as the official government faith. But others have chosen to ignore that those men were self-proclaimed “Deists” and not Christians, who on several occasions declared that the Constitution WAS NOT based on Christian principles.

            Indeed, most religions teach obedience, not rebellion. People of faith are often told to ignore the suffering and oppression in their earthly lives, and to look forward to a heavenly reward, instead. Those “sacred rights”, as you pointed out, are common to most faiths, even those that come into conflict in other tenets. That’s because they were conceived and written into law by MEN; human beings like us. Men who had experienced tyranny and oppression, including despotic acts committed in the name of religion. And the men who crafted our Constitution had the good sense to codify those fundamental rights into common law. We are free, because men demanded it, not because god told us so.

            Finally, you attempt to contrast the Quran and the Bible as being about hate and murder versus peace and love, and again, that is a false and biased comparison. The problem that plagues all faiths, even Buddhism, is the penchant for fundamentalists to radicalize the teachings of their holy scripts and misuse them to justify violence. In the last seven days, we have witnessed murderous acts of terror by both Christians and Muslims, in this country. Jihadists have killed thousands of innocent people in the Middle East, often people of their own faith. But 90% of all terror attacks in the United States WERE NOT committed by Muslims. The fundamentals of all religion are essentially the same; love God and be kind to each other. It’s the evil in the hearts of men that perverts that message, whether they wear a cross or a crescent.

          9. I accept the bible as the figurative writing of man, by word of mouth, handed down through the ages, just as Indians did with totem poles, or as done in church records through the ages in Europe. In Geneology, you find the family histories best from Europe in the churchs. In USA, you find them by ships logs, Ellis Island, and the immigration controls of those eras.
            So we know of Cain and Abel, and we know of Samson killing 10,000 with jawbone of an ass (appropriate logo for democrats). And I was a Democrat (or thought I was for 21 years, since you had to be Democrat to get job in Ohio, and join a union to keep it). Korean conflict changed my whole outlook on life, education, career, and future. Enlisted Friday 13 Oct 50, and recruiter took me to farm that evening after A&P store closed (where I was clerk). After 6 pm, he drove me, with my clothes, 14 miles to farm, to get birth certificate, take me to Canton, be in hotel over weekend, and process on Monday. Mother took my draft notice out of farm, mail box between 11-12 oclock, same hour (lunch break) I signed enlistment paper. Recruiter drove me back to Cadiz, for weekend, and he went back to Canton area, disappointed.
            I went to SS board on Monday, and was given 2 weeks to complete paperwork, and go to Canton. Pass, go Air Force. Fail, come back in 2 weeks, go Army. Korea was waiting.
            In Canton, I passed physical, and AFQT and was sworn in. Due to knowledge of a family friend, I was given 4 day pass to go to Pittsburgh, Pa , sign papers to have insurance and a job waiting for me when AF enlistment expired.
            Back in Canton when scheduled, I was told I was “acting Corporal” in charge of 40 plus who processed that day, “and don’t lose any of these guys between Canton and Lackland AFB, TX (on train). In Chicago, I gained over 20 more in my charge. At Lackland, took aptitude tests, more tests, issued uniforms and told by AF MSgt counselor “Private, you have a brain. Use it” with aptitudes one 7, and rest all 8 and 9. Any career field open to me. Basic was less than a month, with my being detailed to set in orderly room and type ground safety reports to be placed on BB in the training squadron. Only day from that, was go to range, fire weapons for record. Others in flight had practice, I had been shooting single shot 22 caliber rifles since age 13, and I shot EXPERT, that day and each training qualification for next 26 years. Did not intend to stay beyond 4 years, but did. Liked what I was doing, and had been promoted 4 times in first year, again in next year, and had highest WAPs score that came back to Nellis AFB on all test taken. Colonel Chamberlin made big issue of that , in newly generated Consolidated Personnel Center for entire base, before all personnel assigned. Even told if I remained at Nellis, I would be promoted to TSgt on 1 Nov 54, board had met, and that was confidential until then.
            I chose to discharge, transfer to W-PAFB, Ohio in October 1954 with wife and 1 year old baby daughter. Cold war kept me SSgt for next 12 years, but in that time I worked with intelligence organization, Headquarters Command, at W-PAFB (see ATIC, now Foreign Technology Division) on net. Had agents all over planet earth, and some in cities of USA in civilian clothing, serving as VP of company or corporations, signing million dollar contracts. Also agents at Berlin Wall, to debrief folks crossing border to us. Their families in Germany with them, did not know they were still in military. Surprised when they transferred back to Ohio, went by warehouse and got their stored uniforms out, took to cleaners and had new ranks sewed or attached. Even to my contacting one of our MSgt who left that same day, to NJ, went to Germany, and was at the Wall within 2 weeks. Wife (Elena) joined him 2 months later. Both born in Germany, and Henry joined our US army in WWII. Both now citizens.
            What am I saying? I worked with folks who joined our military from Japan, Germany, Italy during WWII and became citizens. More patriotic than many today, who are 3rd, 4th, or more generations as US citizens. I am not pleased with changes in past 7 years, and I could not serve in todays military. I believed in mission, in our country, and that is not true of our youth, being taught in today’s PC classrooms. They don’t know US history, and their teachers do not know, or exhibit that knowledge.
            I even have to ask if some can read text, in a text book?
            So argue all you want. You will not change my mind, or opinions. I watch all the TV channels to see the spin, then do my own research. Television today is gossip, gossip, gossip. More blacks on television who are racists to the bone. More bottle blonds with black roots on television, talking from a teleprompter, and never taking a breath. Not talking. More of a chant, rant, and View has women all talking over and through each other. Fox News, has 4 women and 2 men on panel, with PhD, but show more body than brains. Though they are very knowledgeable of what is going on. However, I do not make my choices from any of that. Fox News at least has both sides of issues, with guests who know but I get upset at O’Reilly and Hannity for talking through those guests. Meghan Kelley turned stupid on debate, but debates have never taught me anything. I don’t believe in them. Candidate Forums, with candidate talking of own policies, opinions, and not of others is more useful. And I have participated in those, at veterans organizations, where I did the inviting, timing, and discussing with them. Much more useful, in getting to know the person and their backgrounds. What they stand for, and who they represent?
            Eyesight, bad knees, heart, lungs, and overall health stop me from that over past 4 years, but I still work internet, phone, fax, and support those I believe in with funds, and written support in paper. Though newspapers are gossip now too.

          10. And as it pertains to this article n if we recall or impeach every elected official who said something stupid or offensive, we’d have no elected officials, cause they’re all guilty… And I can assure you, if you or I ran for office and got elected, we’d say something that would offend someone while pleasing someone else…

    1. Really? When he parrots the “No more baby parts” line which oozed from Carly Fiorina’s mouth like the vile slime it was, you REALLY think the rhetoric had nothing to do with it?

      Must be nice, living in your little denial bubble. Here on Earth, however, we can put two and two together.

      1. Rhetoric doesn’t make people commit violence. Violence can make people commit violence. Abortion is a violent procedure, performed more than 1 million times annually in the US. Some can equate that to genocide. People are in an uproar over 10,000 gun deaths and 10,000 DUI deaths/year. Why not get in an uproar about 1 million abortions?

        And you don’t seem to realize that the deviant who shot up the PP in Colo Springs is not typical of how people deal with the abortion crisis in our country. The unstable fringe is not a model for anything.

        BTW, he was a registered democrat from North Carolina with no connections to Colorado, before you start in on some irrational political ideology rant.

        1. Donald Trump wants to close mosques because he believes their “violent rhetoric is inciting Islamic terrorism”. So, does it only count if it’s Muslims?

        2. Yes. “Rhetoric” can and does cause violence. It’s called Stochastic Violence. Look it up, bright boy.

  6. All you criticisizing Rep Winholz’s comments – where were you when PP’s doctors were talking in equally inflammatory rhetoric about aborted fetal tissue??? Your silence was deafening… Lousy hypocrites…

    1. I’m concerned about living, breathing, functioning human beings. Clumps of cells or partially developed fetuses, not so much.

      1. Um, Mark… What an ignorant comment. Where do you think you came from? You were once a clump of cells and a partially developed fetus. Or do you think your mom and dad bought you at WalMart.

        1. I’m perfectly aware of “where I came from”. I still would support the choice of my mother if she had chosen not to have me. A world of WANTED children is a great concept. FORCING a woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will is not only disrespectful, but dangerous, not only to her, but to society.

          1. Who forced anyone to do anything? Focus man. This thread and article is about supposedly inflammatory rhetoric and recalling a politician. Give yourself a few years to mature. When you get married and see the first ultrasound of your unborn child, you’ll feel embarassed and ashamed that you ever thought that anything so wonderful was just “a clump of cells or partially developed fetus”. An inborn child is much more than that – trust me.

          2. In healthdude we trust. All others pay cash especially women who have the right to abortion if they so choose. This is the Gospel according to healthdud.

          3. I’m glad you put your trust in what I wrote. Now practice those words. When your wife becomes pregnant with your child (yes, your unborn child), will you, like everyone else say she’s carrying a boy or a girl, your son or your daughter? Or, will you say she’s carrying a nonviable clump of cells, or a partially developed fetus? If you choose the latter, that makes you a lousy parent and equally sad human being.

          4. Thanks for another syrupy sermon Preacher. Now that you’ve delivered your edict on parenting and the worthiness of others who don’t share your views, could you excuse me while I go to the bathroom.

            Have a nice day.

          5. You don’t need a hall pass to go to the restroom. And there’s a difference between people having opposing views, and people like you who just proved they can’t defend their own depraved views that support injuring healthy children, born or unborn. Good day.

          6. Ryecatcher, it’s a shame you’re not concerned with the rights and well-being of unborn women. I’ll never understand how a parent could harm their own healthy child, before or after birth. I’ll stick with the gospel I preach, thank you.

          7. Does the gospel support murder like you and windholz? Where in the bible did Jesus go on a shooting rampage against sinners?

          8. That comment is much like the hero that never was, saying ‘I would have ran into the gunfire myself had I been there’ ‘I would have supported my mother had she chosen not to have me’, rings very untrue.

          9. I have no problem with the destruction of masses of cells. Fetuses are not people. We have enough people already.

        2. Ummmm…. Ummmm…. The healthdud speaks. “Attention Walmart shoppers. Partially developed fetuses now on sale on aisle 3. Clumps of cells will be on sale starting this weekend”.

          Ignorance is in the eye of the beholder. That be healthdud.

          1. One of the very few advantages to being a male 🙂 I have 2 sons – they’re grown now (22 and 18)… I can remember the first ultrasound of each – the first time I saw each of my sons… Parental instincts and bonds kick in, and you commit yourself to providing a good life for your child, being there when he needs you, and of course protecting him from harm… Going thru the 9-month pregnancy with your spouse is a life-changing experience… I hope you have the opportunity and privilege to experience it as well… You’ll never see another unborn child as a non-viable blob of cells or partially developed whatever…

          2. Funny how the Planned Parenthood attackers have all been MALE. You’d almost think they didn’t want us silly, helpless wimminfolk to make any decisions without their approval…

            Educate yourself. The VAST majority of abortions are had by women who ALREADY have children and can’t afford another one. Most of them are married. Birth control can and does fail (I have a 12 year old daughter as proof of that). How many unwanted children have you adopted?

            Don’t like abortion? DON’T HAVE ONE. But don’t try to make emotion plays in order to control the decisions of other people, and you DO NOT get to advocate violence to get your way on this issue.

          3. Well, NHB, where to begin…

            How can you separate emotion from the relationship a parent has with his/her child (in utero or after delivery)? You can’t. Emotions are at the core of this debate.

            Where did you get that I advocate violence? The abortion procedure itself is a violent method to terminate life. Who’s defending this violent procedure?

            Males are the attackers in the vast majority of all incidents like this, regardless of who’s targeted (schools, businesses…). I don’t see your point.

            11% of pregnancies are attributed to failed contraception. As I wrote earlier (but you don’t want to accept), in these instances abortion is a viable option – mercy always triumphs over justice.

            It takes 2 to make a baby (yes, a baby – not a non-viable clump of stuff). If the father wants to be a part of the child’s life, why shouldn’t he have a say in what happens after conception? You’d surely go after him for child support.

            Just a suggestion – think about your rant before you type it.

          4. I was an ER nurse for 8 years and witnessed 2. To compare an abortion to procedures such as appendectomies or cholecystectomies or thoracotomies is to compare apples to oranges. And other medical procedures are designed to heal the patient. Abortions are designed to kill the individual.

          5. If someone using the same instruments and same procedures that are used in an abortion to attack one of your children, or one of your siblings, or your parent, or even your pet, you’d be screaming it was a violent attack. And don’t try to deny it.

          6. And if I used the same trocar on you that I used to embalm a dead body, you’d be pretty upset, too. Surgeries involve violence. You make no point here.

          7. Surgeries heal people. Abortions kill people. Using force (violence) to remove a leg or arm or diseased organ to save the person is acceptable. Using force (violence) to kill the person is not acceptable. Using force (violence) to injure, not heal, an individual is never acceptble. Point made – again.

          8. You appear to be dealing with a stunning case of Dunning-Kruger with this one. Does not seem to understand a false equivalency fallacy.

          9. My parents, kids and pets are living, functioning, sentient beings. A fetus, not so much. You can’t inflict “violence” on a non-entity.

          10. You’re an idiot. Only an idiot would try to define if an act is violent based on the target, instead of the aggressive act itself. I guess your disgusting values also say third trimester abortions are perfectly acceptable – after all, you probably think that since a third trimester child in the womb doesn’t have a social security card, it can’t be a living sentient being. And since you don’t consider that child a living sentient being, the procedure used – which leaves not much more than a puncture wound in what’s left of the skull, and fluids and shards and chunks of flesh in a bucket – is not a violent procedure. As I said, you’re an idiot, and the thought that you advocate doing terrible things to healthy, innocent individuals – at any stage of life – with the express intent of hurting and killing is reprehensible.

          11. I will ALWAYS leave this decision in the hands/womb of the woman carrying the fetus, because in reality, it’s as much none of MY business as it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. NO MORE UNWANTED CHILDREN!

          12. Thought so. You can’t defend your views, so you just pass the buck. You’re executing the waitress excuse – “Sorry, not my table.” But executing excuses is just as easy as executing nonviable entities (as you describe the life growing in a woman), so I’m not surprised.

            A woman can choose whether or not to become pregnant. That is the real choice. If she chooses to give a man permission to come into her womb and create a child, then the decision has been made, and she needs to live with the consequences of her decision. The decision has been made. If she gives a man permission to come into her womb, knowing full well that a child may result, she’s given him permission to have a say in the future of *his* child as well. She’ll sure come after him for child support. If she doesn’t want that to happen, she can go the In Vitro Fertilization route, where the man has signed away his rights. And in the case of rape/incest or other horrific incidents, deformity or threat to the woman’s health, or conteaception failure, abortion is a viable option – mercy always triumphs over judgment. But in the 88% of abortions performed just to eliminate an unwanted child and not have to live up to the consequences of her decision, your views on the topic are vulgar and disgusting.

            There will continue to be those of us who speak out for healthy, innocent victims of violent actions who have no voice of their own, regardless of their age. And we will call violence violence, because we understand what violence is, and we can defend our views. You can just stick your head back in the sand, live in your delusional mindset that abortion is not a violent procedure, and ignore the 1 million + abortions that are performed each year on healthy innocent individuals because people like you think that human lives – regardless of the age – are disposable. Just eliminate the unwanted ones by violent means. First trimester, third trimester, who cares, right? What a vulgar view of the sanctity of human life, regardless of the age. Perhaps one day you’ll look back in life and regret and be ashamed that you ever thought like this. I sincerely hope so.

          13. Sorry, it’s simply NONE OF MY BUSINESS, as it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. When YOU can carry a fetus to term, speak up. In the meantime, you’re just talking to hear yourself speak.

          14. You’re still an idiot. You do realize, don’t you, that in the not-too-distant future, medical science will advance to the point where fertilized eggs can be cultivated ex vivo (out of the womb, in a lab setting) to the point of full development. The day when a woman’s womb will not be necessary to carry a fertilized egg to full term will arrive, and sooner than any of us think. 30 years ago, in vitro fertilization wasn’t possible. 75 years ago, a baby born prematurely had a negligible chance of survival.

            Only an idiot like yourself would define sacred issues like when life begins, parental rights, and societal responsibilities based on the current status of medical knowledge and capabilities, something that is always advancing.

            So, I guess when we get to the point where women aren’t needed, you’ll have to change and update your ridiculous ideologies again. After all, if a woman can abandon a child to a laboratory flask instead of having the abortion, and cleanly wash her hands of the child and not look back, then who will speak up for the unborn child? Will the father then have a say in the child’s future? You say now he doesn’t – it’s all the woman’s decision. What happens when the 1 million + women who now have an abortion annually just decide to drop their developing child in a lab flask (a right you pro-abortion types will vehemently defend) and not make any further decisions?

            “It’s the woman’s decision only” you rant deludely. What happens when the woman says I want nothing to do with the child, and the child is developing in the laboratory? You’re an idiot, going thru life with positions that are vulgar and reprehensible, and based on the current state of biomedical technologies. Just stick your head back in the sand, pretend like society shouldn’t speak out on the atrocities of 1 million + violent abortions performed annually on healthy children, and continue to scream about how it’s a woman’s decision only. Then realize your ridiculous and short-sighted views are again negated when a woman is no longer needed to carry a child, and the woman decides to have no say-so in the decision-making process. Man, you’re an idiot.

          15. The only “idiot” in this discussion is someone who thinks it’s their business what someone else does with their own body…..and that we actually NEED or WANT children who are unwanted by their mothers. The fewer unwanted kids on the planet, the better off we’ll ALL be.

          16. You again? Man, when you’re in a hole, stop digging! You once again have proven you do not have the intellectual capability to defend any of the ridiculous opinions you have spewed out in your insane comments, nor can you refute any of the intellectual or philosophical opinions I have put forward. You’re nothing more than a broken record now – “Let’s all just ignore the problem and maybe it’ll go away by itself.” That’s almost as stupid and “idiotic” as when you said abortions are not violent. I’d laugh at you if it wasn’t so tragic that you might actually think this way.

            Situations change only when a force is applied to them. Without that force, the momentum and direction of whatever is occurring remains unchanged. Such would be the results of your “stay out of it and ignore the issue” opinion – nothing will ever change. There are those of us, however, who are out here speaking up, going to the voting booth, doing what we can Constitutionally, to change the course of what’s happening. And don’t even try to ignorantly and idiotically suggest that the deviant who shot up the PP in the Springs was doing the same thing – the unstable fringe who acts irrationally and violently is an example only of what happens when mental illness goes uncontrolled.

            Perhaps I should cut you some slack. Your inability to formulate intelligent responses and opinions, and your constant reversion to reciting the same 1-liner, suggests you’re a person with limited life experiences and thinking skills that haven’t fully developed, which suggests you may be just a school age kid typing what he’s heard his parents say. Thus, since you have nothing to add to the discussion other than your silly ignore it and look the other way line, I won’t reply to any more of your comments.

          17. In spite of all your verbiage, you’ve added nothing to the conversation. Keep talking….to yourself 🙂

          18. I really hope you’re beginning to understand how vulgar and reprehensible and ignorant your views on this topic are. Saying abortion is not a violent procedure really took the cake man.

            Defining life itself on the basis of how advanced medical technology is shows you to be a shallow thinker, and one with no regard for the sanctity of human life. No child in the womb can survive and develop without the help of an adult. Today, it’s the help of a mother through her womb. In the future, it will be the help of people in white lab coats running neonatal computers that control nutrient input and waste output. Yet you believe these non-viable clumps of undifferentiated tissues are not alive – not human life – because they can’t survive on their own, outside the womb (or in the future, outside the lab).

            Yet, 100 years ago, babies born prematurely had negligible chance for surviving. Today, because medical capabilities have advanced, even babies born in the late second trimester and early third trimester have a fighting chance for survival, and our ability to save prematurely born babies will only increase as medical breakthroughs are found. That doesn’t change the definition of life, what life is, or when it begins. Well, it does to you, because you’re an idiot with disgusting views on the topic.

            Even children born healthy and full term cannot survive outside the womb without the help of others. Unless they are provided food and water outside the womb, just like they are provided inside the womb, they will die. So your idea that they’rr not alive just because they can’t survive on their own outside the womb is ridiculous.

          19. I also guess riots aren’t violent in your opinion. You know, when out of control mobs burn cars and buildings (non-entities) and destroy property and businesses (non-entities) to steal TVs and liquor and electronics and money (non-entities). Only an idiot like you would believe that riots involving people destroying and stealing “things” doesn’t constitute violence.

          20. I guess you’ve never seen a violent storm. You know – one that rips apart homes and schools and parks – what you describe as non-entities. As long as the target is one of your non-entities, a tornado that rips apart a section of a town without killing anyone cannot be violent. I said it before, and I’ll say it again – you’re an idiot, and your lack of respect for human life and your support of violence (because you don’t understand what violence is) to injure and kill innocent, healthy individuals – regardless of age – is reprehensible.

          21. Violence is in the eye of the beholder…..”If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it…….” If Planned Parenthood actually sold fetal tissue, I’d buy you a brain.

          22. Like I said – You’re an idiot. That’s the best defense you can offer for your warped views – some made-up idiot saying about violence is in the eye of the beholder. The correct phrase is “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but you wouldn’t know anything about that. You don’t see beauty and life – you see death, and advocate attacking healthy and innocent individuals. Funny how you avoided defending 3rd trimester abortions also. Violence is not in the eye of the beholder. It’s in the hand of the person wielding it, regardless of the target. If a tree falls in the forest it still makes a sound, regardless of who is there to hear it. The tree’s actions are rhe tree’s actions, regardless of who or what is around. Just like a person’s (or a storm’s actions -another point you can’t argue) are their action’s, regardless of who or what is around, regardless of who or what is injured or killed. You truly are clueless, and I pity you.

          23. It take 2 to start an embryo.
            It takes ONE to make a BABY. And that ONE is the mother.

            Your insistence on using the term “baby” to describe an 8 week old embryo (which is when most abortions are done) is a perfect example of the “inflammatory rhetoric” I was referring to, and is little more than misdirection and emotional manipulation.

            When you have to risk YOUR life, then you get a vote.

            “Males are the attackers in the vast majority of all incidents like this… I don’t see your point.”

            Of course you wouldn’t, so let me explain. When a MAN firebombs, vandalizes, shoots up or pickets an abortion clinic, he is trying to INTIMIDATE someone (a pregnant woman) into doing what HE wants (having the baby) with ZERO regard to HER situation. It’s a way for men that that to show their dominance over (and bully) people they consider to be lesser humans than themselves.That is the definition of terrorism.

          24. Such anger and hatred and self-victimization, NHB – it’s not good.

            I saw the first ultrasounds of each of my 2 sons. There is nothing that can refute that what I witnessed was life itself – my son, be it at 8 weeks, 16 weeks, 32 weeks, or post-partum. That was my son, a human being, in different stages of his development, just as he continued to develop after delivery (you surely realize children continue to develop after delivery). Just because I choose, based on my life’s experiences, to define that from conception that was my son, a living being, developing in utero, it doesn’t mean I’m spewing hate speech or inflammatory rhetoric or any of your other nonsensical slurs. Just because I couldn’t see my son just after conception doesn’t mean he wasn’t every bit as much alive then as the first time I was able to see him.

            And if you believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is spewing inflammatory rhetoric, that’s another issue you need to deal with. You don’t possess the wisdom of the universe, and you haven’t been appointed the sole authority to define for all mankind when life begins, and what constitutes life itself. Get off your high horse.

            It takes 2 to make a child – a male and a female. That’s Biology 101. It doesn’t matter what stage of development you’re discussing – fertilized egg, embryo, fetus, baby, child, or adult. There’s been only 1 recorded instance of only 1 human conceiving a child, and that occured some 2,000 yrs ago. I doubt you’ve followed in that virgin’s tradition, and I very seriously doubt your 12 yr old daughter was conceived (made, created…) without a male. There will come a day when a fertilized egg can be cultured ex vivo (outside a woman’s womb – in a lab setting if you will) alleviating the need for a woman’s involvement. But it still requires a male’s involvement.

            And the moment you invite a man into your womb in which a baby may be created, you are giving him a vote into that baby’s future. If you don’t want him to have a vote, don’t let him in in the first place.

            To paraphrase what you said – When a man attacks a clinic, he’s showing no regard for what the woman wants. To paraphrase what you also said – after conception, you will do what you want with the child, the man has no vote, showing no regard for what he wants. So when a man destroys life with no regard to what the woman wants, it’s an horrific injustice. But when a woman dedtroys life (abortion) with no regard to what the man (father) wants, it’s acceptable. Hmmm…

            You’ve obviously had bad experiences with men, which is a shame. But there are men out here who hold views and values and definitions different from your own. Because we state them openly in a public forum, state why we see things as we do and believe what we do, and defend our convictions, it doesn’t mean anyone is trying to suppress you or make you some kind of victim. Nor will we be silenced because you may be offended at realizing other people may disagree with you on an issue for which no human being has the right or wrong answer.

          25. Ok, Healthdude is completely nuts, but there is no need to bash every male in the country based on the actions of some wacko clinic attacker. And saying that the only role a man plays in raising a child is at conception is stunningly unfair to the men in this country who stand with their partners from the pregnancy all the way to the old age home.

          26. With all the methods of birth control available to those same women, how about using one or more, even the ‘morning after’ pill now, do us all a favor, would you ladies please?

          27. Looks like you stirred up the MRA clowns (pre-pubescent boys in the bodies of grown men). Head on over to
            They have misogyny nailed and hung on the wall. I wish I lived in your area so I could sign that petition…and maybe one for Der Klingenschitt too.

          28. Then in this PC world, what would you say to the young woman in the news last couple weeks, convicted of ‘kicking her 6 months old child to death’, and law took her 1 and 4 year old (believe that is what I read) away to foster care or under child protection? Where is her humanity, and love or bonding with those children? And how much would you wager, she does not know who the father of those 3 was, or is? Or care? How do you talk to that part of our society? And do you really think you could have influence with her? or others like her? Or the young studs who consider their “manly hood by number of children they sire, with how many different women? Really. Deal with the real world. And is the Liberal politics really that beneficial? In USA today, we make it too easy for half our population to sit on their rears, and look to imported labor to clean up after them. Have one of those drones who married the daughter of my oldest son’s wife? Has lived off of his mother for first 30 years of his life, now living off of wife’s income. Was really upset, when California rejected his application for workmen’s compensation, when he has never worked one day of his lazy life.
            In a bee hive, after impregnating her with first baby, he would have his wings torn off, and be thrown out of the hive to die or be eaten by wandering predators. But he lived to breed another child. Wonder how long she will put up with that? And what he will do then? Good thing they live in California, with Gov. Moonbeam in control, and spreading the liberal benefits.

        3. HUH Health dude. Who elected you to determine what is ignorant remark? I don’t agree with her comment. But for Democrats to immediately take up a defensive posture, and for her to make her remarks, where do all of you set with first amendment? Did you take a survey of her district? I doubt it. And when was last investigation done on PP, or any of the other health clinics. As I have posted before, in Harrison County, Ohio (my birth county) there was no major employer, until oil-gas-and coal seam was exposed at deep levels, and fracting made it possible to extract. Instantly 44 farmers became millionaires the day they sign leases with companies, and now money is pouring into that county, in spite of Obama and Biden. They disapprove of oil-gas-coal extraction in USA, because they have very rich billionaires like Buffet and the guy who owns a pipeline across Canada to Vancouver to the ports.
          My point: 5 of my female, senior aged relatives was found to have breast cancer at early stages, in a PP clinic. Those clinics also do testicular cancer screening, and other health checks, same as doctors offices (if they have the time, expertize, and equipment). Most do not, so PP is needed across this country for youth, middle aged, and seniors, under Medicare, Medicaid, and other health plans, to get 2nd, or even 3rd opinions. Would you begrudge that to them? And those exist in most states, in many counties.
          To my knowledge or reading, they do not do abortions, but they are the window to counsel, discuss family planning, and then refer to secure, unknown clinics, where abortions are done.
          Why do you or anyone want to cut off funding or close them, driving up costs to remaining clinics, and making travel necessary to get to more centralized clinics?
          And you, or no politician will ever stop prostitution, abortions, or be able to legislate morality. Not even Obama with his ego, can do that, though I do not trust him one bit. I never voted for him and will not vote for Hillary.

          1. Easily answered Frank2525…

            1. Anyone who has ever seen an ultrasound of his/her child in utero knows the child is not a mere clump of cells or partially differentiated non-viable whatever the politically correct term du’ jour is. Until you’ve experienced that moment, you cannot understand that you’re talking about a living being, not an it or a something you can just vac-u-suc out of the womb without consequences.

            2. If his mother had aborted him, he couldn’t support her right to have the abortion because he wouldn’t have existed to voice his opinion or express his support.

            Not too difficult to comprehend.

          2. No problem in comprehension, except why are you concerned? Does your wife or girl friend need an abortion? In this PC world, that is her choice, in conjunction with the doctor. No one else, if she does not want that child.
            Read the full comment I wrote. When you get off like you and others on here, you get involved with idealology, and Shiaria Law will not give you any choice, unless you like to beat women, and use them as sex toys. —
            I served in military for 26 years 18 days, because people like you and others, have fixed ideas, and force them on others. Just as Dear did in coming from North Carolina, to Colorado, living in mountains there and here with no electric, or running water, and he kills. Just as was done yesterday in Calif. Note most (if not all) of those mass killings are among Democrats and Democratic families. And I don’t read of legal gun owners killing, but they pay excessive costs to obtain a permit, training, buying the guns and ammo, and then having to renew them. Are you Democrat, and believe you know what is best, for us common folks.
            If so, take a long walk, off a short pier. I have been married to my wife for 63 years, so think I am mature enough to tell you to butt out.

          3. Funny how you label going to the voting booth and peacefully casting your ballot, and voicing your opinion in a public forum, is now forcing your views and ideologies on others.

            And, believe it or not, that process is how things can change and get better. If blacks didn’t speak up for their rights, they’d still be considered as unequals. Same for women. Now people are speaking for the unborn, as they have no voice of their own.

          4. I have been doing lot more than that since 1991. I volunteered with my veteran groups, was Secretary to UVC in Colorado 2001 to 2005, on first name basis with State Governor, legislators, served on advisory panel to two of our Federal Representatives, and met many legislators from other states, when I visited, or they came here.
            Met with Major General James Pennington (wife Harriet) in 1991, when he was retired from army, having entered as Private, and retiring as MG. Advised President and both houses of Congress during 1990 years.
            In 2001 (October) following WTC destruction, I drove to Lawton, OK to meet with other veterans, resulting in Col. Bud Day taking our military veterans case to Supreme Court of promised healthcare, if we served 20 plus years.
            And I have been heavily involved with getting new VAMC in Colorado to replace the old, inefficient one on Colorado Blvd and 9th Avenue. Finally we will have it completed and paid for by 2018, though I doubt I will see it.
            During those years, I have been involved as officer in other veteran groups, and counseling widows, merchant marines of WWII, and others.
            So just voting and writing on internet is not enough.
            And for your information and others, I worked in Satellite Communications 1970 to 1976, as pioneer in the field to prove computers, database info, satellites, could be married, and work together to have more efficient communications, faster, more accurate. But now MSM (LSM) is prostituting that, and the sidewalk, chalk writers, are doing same to internet they did to citizens band radio.
            See more uncivility, name calling, and trash talk on net than needed. And no one has a sense of humor any more. Too many with a bone 20 feet long, on their shoulder, daring others to knock it off.

          5. Oh, and by the way – it takes 2 to make a baby. If the father wants to be part of the child’s life after conception, he should certainly have that right and certainly have a say in what happens to the child. It’s not solely a woman’s decision if the father wants to be involved.

          6. Just read your post below, and you are a bit older than I thought. But you still are not experiencing the real world of today. When my wife was in hospital in Ohio in 1956, we had a 1 year old and 3 year old. Wife had infectious mononucleaosis, when into hepatititus, aspirin reaction, ATCH reaction, 4 wisdom teeth erupted and had to be extracted in her hospital bed, spent 7 weeks in hospital, not expected to live. Temp of 108 degrees on admission, though she had been seen by same doctor every dam day before, who then let her set 2 hours in cold hallway. Pencil pusher, who we watched, not knowing he was scheduled to see her. Officer came to door, he got up, came to us in hall. “Captain and I are going for cup of coffee, and will see your wife when I get back”. I was SSgt (about 6 years in service then). I blew up. “YOU will like hell, I want a doctor now, and not you”. Went back to desk and gave them ultimatium. Major showed up, took her temperature, and next 3-4 minutes 2 aides with gurney loaded her and took her to room for more fiagnosis. I completed paperwork to admit her, and then could not see her until later that day. Went back to my work section, started to tell Major, He said “let’s go talk to Colonel”. We went to Colonels office, I started to tell him, and he stopped me. Standing behind his desk, He dialed number on phone, spoke few words, handed me the phone, and said “Sgt. Tell the General what happened”. Colonel and Major stood next to me, as I explained.
            ————— That afternoon, I left and took my two babies to parents 100 miles away, and drove back to base that same day. She stayed in 7 weeks. 2d day, I visited in evening, when Major took me aside in hallway. Said “Sgt. You need to talk to your family and wife’s family. Your wife may not be alive tomorrow morning. Now you tell me how excited you got over seeing ultrasound.
            ———Have seen two of them this past 2 months, of my granddaughter, who expects in May 2016. Does not give me goose bumps like having my wife live, after what she went through.
            We were counseled not to have more children, but we were refused operation for her or me by non-medical supervisors over our doctor, who we had counseled with. That was in 1956, and in 1959, our birth prevention failed us. We had a son in Feb 59. I had vasectomy in 1960 in Denver, $75.00 with civilian doctor, and still have the receipt.
            Then as I said, I counseled officers and enlisted in military over my career who cried, not knowing who parents were. Given up as babies and even having loving, adoptive family, they still had that hole in their lives. Could not get help from government but that is now loosening if parents agree. Was not possible years ago.
            All 3 of our children are married and had children. But daughter and husband had child who only lived 48 hours, due to deformed heart. Youngest son and wife, had daughter die at age 10 of asthma complication, though they had Kaiser care, and knew of asthma about age 2.
            Now wife 80, I am 86, married 63 years in August 2015, I have no problem with a woman who DOES NOT WANT CHILD, in having abortion. I think many of those are the women, being pimped by their men friends, whether the woman is white or black. I don’t really care. Seen too many who grew up, and went to battle fields, came back in body bags.
            You can be as idealistic as you want, but you have no right to force others to your thinking. Even though we have too many in USA who no longer respect the Constitution, or Bill of Rights. So all who don’t need abortion or want one, but out, and let those who do, fight it out. NOT YOUR DOG IN THE FIGHT.
            And Healthdude and others: I hope you have taught your boys to never hit a woman for any reason. Walk away, until they cool off. And teach your girls to be modest, have some respect for their own body, and don’t sleep or play games with anyone you don’t want to marry, and who will respect you.

          7. I’m 54, retired Air Force medic. We have to pick our fights – not just stick our heads in the sand on things that don’t directly involve us any more. People are in an uproar over 10,000 gun deaths and 10,000 DUI deaths in this country every year. People are in an uproar over the 1 million + abortions performed each year. That many abortions speaks as to who we are as a people. I consider it shameful and in need of change.

            Real world situations are temporary – the world and situations change, sometimes for the better. This is one fight I’m going to stay engaged in, speaking for the sanctity of life, emphasizing both the father and mother can and should have a say in a child’s future after conception, that the solution rests not with government but with individual choices, and hopefully change the reality of the situation. Hope you have a good night.

          8. Then you had better get involved with the problem of ISIS and our open borders. Question now is whether Muslims or Mexicans will out breed us? Or had you noticed the invasion and the open statements by all concerned.
            In my local school district, K12 schools (40,000 students in 57 or so buildings) we have 130 countries involved with 130 different languages. This is on the school post card sent to all district 28J system in Aurora, Colorado.
            When I managed and taught Greeks and Turks at Perrin AFB, Tex in 1967-68, Greeks spoke English fluently. Turks had been to Lackland AFB, and had minimum qualifications in English, but we managed. At end of that year, they went home to Incirlik AB in Turkey, and Athens Greece. USA sold them the F102A Delta Dagger Interceptor, and they were the Instructors and Flight Line Supervisors, to teach their troops to maintain those planes.
            Pres. Bush was in Texas ANG then as Lt. and went through OCS, pre-flight, flight , aircraft familiarization in F102A and then in 4th and 5th year, flew over 600 flying hours over USA to guard from Bison and Bear bombers of Russia.. That was a lot of flying when a flight averaged 45 minutes. But could go a long way in that time. I typed, and printed 3 columnar lesson plans for my instructors, and for the students, so they could annotate them, and use later.
            And I used my instructors to load 2 sets of trainers on ATC airplane, flown to NJ, where they went on large cargo planes to be delivered to Greece and Turkey. Then as supply officer (I was TSgt then) I had to explain to M&S Group commander how those were my assets, not his, and he only gave me computer support to gain and lose them.
            He was one upset Colonel, but hour later called me at FTD to apologize, and then said “Now, how can I help you in future, Sergeant? I have never been one to hide my head in the sand, and last job was going to Omaha, NE as one of three from AFCS to design satellite terminal for Offutt AFB, NE. Same one that Pres. Bush spoke to nation over, in September 2001, after I had retired in 1976. Had a great career, and look back in wonder of freedom to run my own shops, pick my people, and only report success of mission. Not held to asking, but talking to major commands and Pentagon personnel directly. Even briefed 2 four-star admirals on TACSATCOM terminal I installed in Hawaii in 1974-75.

          9. And like the woman on television with 2 year old child. Named 9 different black guys as father, and none was father by DNA test. She signed up for that program, and those were some angry dudes. Don’t you expect the woman to know who impregnated her? As AF medic, most of the medics I knew would know that.
            As I said, this is a different PC world today, where women will tell you and me” I will control my own body”. Well, yes, that would be nice if they were a bit more choosy with the body. I can’t believe some of the crap on TV now.
            Years ago, I knew guys who hid the Playboy magazine if company came over. I never bought one in my life but saw many in the barracks in the 50s.

          10. Abortion is just wrong Frank, for nearly any reason. No one is questioning pap smears, mammograms or other early disease detection.

          11. That is your opinion. So go with it. That is not my opinion, and I am just as satisfied with my life, as you should be with yours. In this country, we used to have a sense of humor, and comedian’s could tell racial jokes, religious jokes, or sexist jokes, and did. That is no longer true, with PC world, and being invaded by human riff raff from all the other countries. Everyone is looking for a fight, take every word as being offensive to someone, and have code words, in case no one uses a word that would be patently offensive.
            Prostitution, abortion, crime, and drug addiction has always been present on this planet even before the folks came out of the caves. So just how and by what means, do you think you or anyone else can change that. Have you ever seen morals or morality corrected by legislation?
            In other words, this country still has some freedom, but that is fast being painted into tighter and tighter corners, to where we will have to go to someone to get permit, to do anything, as exists in some countries. I keep my gun from fear of my government. No longer hunt, fish, or take long walks in the mountains. Can’t even get to the mountains now, though I have best car I ever owned, starting with a 1930 Oldsmobile with 28 HP in 1948. 72 mph was fastest I could ever get, and had clutch with brakes. So who do you fear?
            I have no idea what half baked idea will come out of Washington tomorrow, let alone next year or next administration. Do you?

          12. Healthdude – while I respect your opinion, you do not know enough about pregnancy and abortion to tell someone “the first time they see their baby on ultra sound” anything. You Cannot see a baby on ultra sound until about 10-12 weeks along. You only see the sac it’s growing in before that. Most women who get abortions, for whatever reason They choose to, will have the procedure done anywhere from 4-7 weeks, depending on if they skipped a period or can just “feel” something is different. Yes you can feel it, you get sick, you don’t want to smoke, and you know why. Some women will have it later, after 12 weeks, because they have found a major defect in the baby, lifelong health problems, maybe their life is in danger, etc and some people just can’t handle that. You cannot begrudge them that decision. So no, having an abortion does not make you a bad parent or person. Raising a child to hate others, be racist, not respectful of others views, that makes you a bad parent.
            Also – if you firmly believe that at 4-8 weeks the cell can feel pain, then you should not have your son circumcised. Period. He actually can feel that pain and it’s genital mutilation. That makes you a bad parent I guess for chopping skin off of his privates. Seriously.

        1. Actually, I’m quite well educated, thanks. Perhaps you should consider some of that for yourself, as you seem to be comfortable making assumptions about people you don’t have the slightest clue about 🙂

        1. I have. You can’t miss them. They have fetus photos all over a couple of vehicles that drive around Denver all the time. And your point is?

      2. I support aborting born fetuses as well. There are plenty more that needed to have been aborted but somehow missed by PP..

      1. Not really. It was the editing that wss debunked. What was said was said. The context of what was said was not debunked – the editing simply inflamed it. Lots of news agencies are guilty of that. Remember CNN editing the 911 call when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to encite the masses? And how CNN refused to show pics of Martin in a hoodie?

        1. “It was the editing that was debunked. What was said was said.”
          So in your opinion, editing to make people seem to say things that they didn’t is no big deal, then. Hmmm…

          Healthdude: “where were you when ..Rep Winholz…was deafening…your unborn child? I’ll never understand how a… defective person…shot Trayvon Martin. I’m…embarassed and ashamed that…I’m… a lousy parent and equally sad human being.”

          Those are YOUR words (with just a little editing). No big deal. Still expresses what you believe, right? ‘What was said was said.”

          1. Anyone who works under the guise of a journalist needs to present their findings openly, honestly, and in their entirety, without an agenda or an attempt to influence opinions. I can give you plenty more examples… Dan Rather presenting false documents about Pres Bush’s service record – got him fired… Brian Williams lying about war stories – got him fired… News is no longer news – it’s agenda-based political commentary, and anyone who believes one political party does it more than the other party is a fool… And anyone who believes what they see or hear or read in the news is gullible… That’s my point…

      2. They were never debunked, although you and others continue to say that. The ONLY issue with one of the videos was the use of a ‘stillborn’ baby, called a aborted baby, the verbiage from the videos is valid, not doctored, not debunked, my gosh, can you hear?

      3. Show me where exactly the CMP videos were “debunked”.

        The president of Planned Parenthood apologized for them. If they weren’t true she wouldn’t have had to be apologetic when they were released.

    2. Equally inflammatory to a pig without a soul. Windholz is the scum of the earth, like her supporters on this board.

    3. The fetal tissue research is 100% legal and lots of GOP lawmakers voted to approve it years ago. They all knew this was going on, it was never an issue until these propaganda videos came out again showing legal research. If you think they were committing a crime why haven’t the investigations done in several states found anything?

      1. I agree.

        Just as CNN should have been sued and had their broadcast license yanked when they edited the 911 call when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to encite racism, and refused to show a current-age picture of Martin, and refused to show a picture of Martin in a hoodie.

        Just as CBS should have been sued and had their broadcast license yanked when they presented falsified documents to discredit Pres Bush’s service record. Instead, they just fired Dan Rather, and he left disgraced.

        Just as Sec of State Hillary Clinton, the State Dept, and the White House Press Office should have been when they informed America that the Benghazi attacks were inspired by a You-Tube video, when they knew it was a completely fabricated lie.

        Then there was Brian Williams at NBC who got fired for lying on air about the stories he reported on.

        Then there was… Well, you get the idea. No journalist or media outlet can be trusted any more. They’re nothing more than political-agenda motivated propaganda outlets, regardless of political standing, and neither side is any better or any worse than the other. There is no reliability in journalism any more, and anyone who gets their panties in an uproar over anything they hear in the news, or points fingers at the other side, is nothing more than a gullible mush-head.

  7. Comments were stupid, but the comments didn’t harm the state as what the Democrats do on a daily basis.

    1. The Democrats harm the state on a daily basis making stupid comments. Really! And how is that given the stupidity of your comment?

  8. Please, political hack attack is all this is. Sad part is, what she said is true. The vile actions of the abortionists birthed the vile actions of the lifer. One good turn deserves another. All parties involved are sick in the head, but keep pointing fingers at each other instead, I’m sure the outcome of that will be better. -_-

    1. “The vile actions of abortionists”! Sounds like the title of a sermon the late fake Gerry Falwell would make. Now there’s someone who was truly “sick in the head”.

  9. How is PP different from ISIS? ISIS cuts off heads while a person is still alive. PP cuts off heads after they kill the baby.

  10. Unfortunately a very important part of the story related to Representative Windholz and a possible recall is a post she made on November 3 in which she openly approves of this remark allegedly made to a congregation of First Southern Baptists in Florida.

    Her Nov 3 post copied and pasted here:
    This is well worth reading — so sad but so true!!

    Time is Like a River…You cannot touch the water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.

    Franklin Graham was speaking at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida in January, 2015 when he said, “America will not come back.” He wrote:

    The American Dream ended on November 6th, 2012 in Ohio .The second term of Barack Obama will be the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest Republic in the history of mankind. A coalition of Blacks, Latinos, Feminists, Gays , Government Workers, Union Members, Environmental Extremists, The Media, Hollywood, uninformed young people, the “forever needy,” the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and other “fellow travelers” have ended Norman Rockwell’s America.

    The Cocker Spaniel is off the front porch, the Pit Bull is in the back yard. The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky ‘s “Rules for Radicals” and Chicago shyster David Axelrod along with international Socialist George Soros will be pulling the strings on their beige puppet to bring us Act 2 of the “New World Order”.

    Our side ran two candidates who couldn’t even win their own home states, and Chris Christie helped Obama over the top with a glowing “post Sandy ” tribute that elevated the “Commander-in-Chief” to Mother Teresa status. (Aside: with the way the polls were run, he didn’t need any help!) People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I will never again comment on or concern myself with the afore-mentioned coalition which has surrendered our culture, our heritage and our traditions without a shot being fired.

    You will never again out-vote these people. It will take individual acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back the rights we have allowed them to take away. It will take zealots, not moderates and shy, not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship and restore our beloved country to its former status.

    Those who come after us will have to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that this generation has timidly frittered away due to white guilt and political correctness…

    Sender Comment: STOP – LOOK – LISTEN – ACT! It is never too late to speak the truth.


    What in the world do you guys make of that??!!

  11. No, she doesn’t need to ‘step down’, her words rang true to me, and think they were misinterpreted by many on the left, who have their guns loaded for anyone that dare mention something they deem out of place in conversation, or thought.

  12. Windbag needs to be thrown out, and if the GOP won’t show integrity enough to do it, the voters will – no place for insensitive extremist right wing morons here.

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