LETTERS: Legislators should support reproductive health bill for people without legal status

Editor: Colorado has made incredible strides in improving access to healthcare. It is something to be proud of and yet there are so many who have been left behind.

Too often undocumented women are not able to get the health care they/we need. This has incredibly negative health outcomes and denies undocumented people the same right to agency, to bodily autonomy and to personal decision making when it comes to getting the services and support to prevent a pregnancy, terminate a pregnancy or be able to have a healthy pregnancy.

I was excited to hear about an effort in the state legislature to make sure that people who use Medicaid are able to get contraception regardless of immigration status (SB21-009). With so many immigrants working in low wage jobs, they can’t afford to pay out of pocket for care and too often that means going without important supplies and services, including contraception.

I am urging our lawmakers to support this important legislation. It is an important step to support the health and dignity of immigrants and to make sure we all get the opportunity to plan our families and our futures.

— Karla Gonzales Garcia, via [email protected] 

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