LETTERS: Teachers deserve more appreciation for going above and beyond

Editor: Teachers deserve more recognition for the impact they make on our kids’ lives. My son currently attends Colorado Preparatory Academy, and his teacher has already made a great difference in just one school year.

We decided to enroll him in online learning last year at the start of the pandemic. While the transition has been an uphill battle, Mrs. Segan, my son’s teacher, has made sure we had accommodations at every angle. She went above and beyond, including sending me text updates about how well he was doing in class, and she would even stay to talk with him afterwards if he was having a hard day.

Through online learning and Mrs. Segan’s efforts, we are finally seeing my son make progress for the first time in a few years. I would recommend online school to those anyone or those who want to try something new. I didn’t realize how stressful school was for him, but I’m so glad we were able to make a positive change to his education that gave him the tools to thrive in his learning environment.

Again, teachers make such an impact on the success of our students and I honestly don’t think teachers get recognized for all the good that they do. We need more kindness in this world; it’s so refreshing to get only positive feedback on my child’s performance. I’m glad to know he’s in good hands with Mrs. Segan.

— Brittany Spitler, via [email protected]