LETTERS: Lawmakers must work to reduce health insurance costs


Editor: The American Rescue Plan includes much-needed relief for consumers when it comes to health insurance costs, and at the center of this legislation is historic expansion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its marketplaces across the country, improving accessibility and affordability.

While many Coloradans and those in Adams County will see relief under this bill, work remains to bring down costs for all consumers when it comes to their health insurance. In fact, only those in Colorado who get their plans via the health care marketplace will see any relief and, even then, it will only affect their insurance premiums, not out-of-pocket costs like co-pays and deductibles.

An estimated 23.6 million Americans with employer-based coverage have high premium contributions that amount to 10% or more of their annual household income or pay high-out-of-pocket costs that amount to 10% or more of their annual household income. Annually, 12.1% of families are paying out more than 10% of annual household income to insurance premiums, and 9.3% of families are contributing more than 10% of annual household income to other out-of-pocket costs. In both cases, median spending in both categories exceeds the country as a whole. Before the pandemic, 1 in 5 Coloradans struggled to afford their health care costs or went without care altogether given these high percentages.

Our leaders must work to address consumers’ concerns when it comes to ALL of these health care costs.

— Lori Goldstein, via [email protected]

Lori Goldstein is the Adams County Democratic Party Chair


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