LETTERS: Hickenlooper, Bennet should appoint climate champions


EDITOR: Over the past four years, we have seen our president push climate change to the background of discussions, often discrediting its significance and ignoring the immediate need for action. 

In those four years, Coloradans watched as some of the worst fires in history ripped across our wildlands and burnt our homes to the ground. We had to watch as our snow lines receded, our river levels dropped, and our sky filled with smoke. While we watched our state, along with many others suffer from the heartbreaking impacts of climate change, our national government failed to take action. 

Now, our country has the opportunity to put science first and bring the issue of climate change to the front. The Biden administration is working to appoint many new climate champions to their cabinet that will actively fight for the protection of our earth. At this time, we need unified and strong leaders and that is what President Biden has put together in his nominations. In order to enact meaningful climate legislation, we need Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper to vote in approval of Biden’s climate appointees and climate champions.

— Sally Thornton-White, via [email protected] 

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