LETTERS: Colorado needs a strong plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Editor: Having come out of a devastating fire season last year and already well into the 2021 fire season, Coloradans have seen firsthand how climate change has exacerbated our experience of wildfire in our state. That’s not even mentioning all the other impacts of climate change on our community and economy, including drought, declining snowpack, and more.

Although Colorado has a “roadmap” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there are no teeth to the measure, and we are already falling behind on our targets. I urge our state legislators to pass SB21-200 “Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Increase Environmental Justice” to give strict enforcement measures to Governor Polis’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap and support more opportunities for community engagement and empowerment.

As Senator Jeff Bridges, who represents my district, pointed out in the Senate Finance Committee hearing for SB21-200, “A plan without action is just a wish.” Thank you, Senator, for your support of this bill, and I encourage you to continue to lead on climate justice. I hope to also see Senators Fields and Kolker support this bill in the floor vote Friday.

Strong policy to hold our state to its goals on addressing climate change while ensuring those most impacted in our state have a seat at the table is critical to build resilience in our community and economy. We have no time to lose to act on climate change, and we need to pass SB21-200 to avoid falling further behind on our emissions reduction goals.

— Sarah Schenkein, via [email protected]

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