LETTERS: Colorado electors should represent just Colorado voters


Editor: It’s disappointing to see that so many in our state who should know better are arguing for the adoption of Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote.

Though the United States is founded on democratic principles, our nation is not a democracy – we are a republic. Our founding fathers created a federation of united states which each state a sovereign entity unto itself. Those past visionaries were well aware of and steered our republic away from the “tyranny of the majority”. Yet, here we are, many decades removed from those founders, ignoring their foresight.

While it may sound democratic to think that this proposition will enhance or retain a one person, one vote principle, it will, in fact, negate that. We need only to look at how our neighbors in the outstate areas feel about being overrun by the majority living in the front range area to see how their will and votes count less than those of us in the metro areas. If Proposition 113 passes, we in Colorado will be subjected to the will of those in the larger states; all of Colorado will now feel the reduction of the power of our votes in subjugation to the will of others.

Colorado’s electors should vote based on the votes and will of the people of Colorado. We should not reduce ourselves to a compliant backwater that gets dragged along with some majority view that may not reflect the Colorado vote.

I heartily encourage Colorado voters to vote NO on Prop 113 and retain our state’s place as an equal among states.

— Ron Newton, via [email protected]