AURORA | Despite warnings from election officials that unaffiliated voters should only fill out either a Republican or a Democrat primary ballot — but not both — more than 350 votes have been rejected in Arapahoe County because both ballots were filled out and returned.

To date, Arapahoe County Clerk Matt Crane said 3.6 percent of returned ballots have been filled out incorrectly, enough to have an impact on a race. Voters have until June 26 to return ballots. In doing so, unaffiliated voters, who will receive both ballots, can only choose one to fill out and return. The other should be tossed out.

Total turnout so far, according to the department, is hovering around 15 percent, or 53,000 voters, in Arapahoe County. Of those, approximately 40 percent are affiliated Democratic, 38 percent are affiliated Republican and 22 percent are unaffiliated.

This is the first year unaffiliated voters are eligible to vote in the primary. For more details about voting and the race, click here.

KARA MASON, Staff Writer