AURORA | Aurora residents Todd and Miriam Frick are excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Kid to Kid resale children’s apparel store this month.

To commemorate the milestone, they will be hosting an anniversary event June 24 at 15035 E. Mississippi Ave. in Aurora. The event is free and open to the public and will feature discounts off the entire stock of children’s clothing, books and toys. Prizes will be given away at the top of every hour and goodie bags will be provided for the first 20 people to arrive that day. There will also be a $200 store credit giveaway.

In reflecting on their experience in leading the Aurora Kid to Kid store, the Fricks said they appreciate the way their store has grown up alongside its staff and clientele, creating a close-knit community of loyal teammates and customers.

“I was in my store last week helping a customer who has been with us for more than a decade,” Todd
said. “She’s still shopping with us today. We’ve also developed our staff, with some of these employees
growing from teenagers to adults and staying with us along the way. They’re more than just staff. They
are like family members.”

The Fricks attribute the level of customer loyalty to the conscientious way they’ve built their team of about a dozen employees, and the care they have taken to get to know their customers.

“We’ve liked building our business and building our team,” Todd added. “We’ve been one of those go-to
staple stores in this area that customers can rely on.”

Twenty years of success in the competitive retail clothing space definitely comes with its challenges, and the Fricks said the one constant in this industry is change.

“This business is always changing, and one year is never a carbon copy of the previous year, so you
have to grow and change and learn in response to that,” Todd said.

For more information about the Aurora Kid to Kid store and the anniversary event, visit Kid to Kid Aurora on Facebook.