AURORA | Is Aurora Congressman Mike Coffman getting campaign cash from President Donald Trump? 

It’s not clear. A report from McClatchy this week said they obtained a list of GOP candidates that would get a $2,000 donation from Trump’s re-election campaign. Coffman was included, along with Rep. Scott Tipton, who represents the Western Slope and parts of southern Colorado.

But Tyler Sandberg, a spokesman for Coffman, said that story got it wrong, and was told Coffman isn’t getting a check.

The campaign wouldn’t consider hypothetical situations. So if Coffman was offered the money, it’s unclear whether he’d accept it.

Coffman has been vocal about standing up to the Trump administration on some issues, particularly immigration and appointments to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs — it’s what makes the possible donation even more interesting. 

Two years ago, Coffman said he didn’t care for Trump much.

But as McClatchy points out, the list contains several recipients who are in company with Coffman. 

Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida didn’t even support Trump in 2016. Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas most recently pressed for an investigation of the administration separating 2,500 migrant children from their parents.

Whether Trump’s money would help or hurt the Congressman in one of the most closely-watched House races in the nation is also a little hazy. 

Coffman has been able to hold off Democrats since the 6th Congressional District was redrawn in 2010. But some politicos are betting this year might be different if there is a “blue wave.”

Jason Crow, Coffman’s Democratic opponent, said in a statement the cash endorsement — if there is one — is no big surprise to him, given Coffman’s voting record.

“Coffman looked voters in the eye in 2016 and promised to stand up to Trump,” Crow said. “But Coffman’s reward for supporting Trump’s status quo – to the tune of a 95% pro-Trump voting record – proves what we already know: that was one promise this career politician never intended to keep.”

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer