LETTERS: Unvaccinated Americans should do their part and pay their own COVID medical treatment


Editor: It is time for all news media reporters and social media to start referring to our current crisis as the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”  These are the folks who are prolonging the recurrence of the COVID mutations again and again and again. (Note: This is NOT referring to the unvaccinated who are immunocompromised and unable to receive a vaccine.)

We should just set up National Guard and Army field hospitals (tents) in county fairgrounds around the country and the new COVID patients who are unvaccinated can step to the front of the line, and leave our regular hospitals open for the other emergencies (heart attacks, strokes) and for those who need hospital care (cancer patients, other surgeries and illnesses). And, these unvaccinated folks should make sure they pay for the increased costs associated with their COVID illness which is costing our overall healthcare system huge cost overruns. It is time for the un-American and un-patriotic unvaccinated members of the population to help the rest of the majority of Americans who are vaccinated and fighting to get rid of and reduce the effects of COVID.   Our healthcare workers are becoming very frustrated and angry and disgusted with the callous disregard for others that these folks show.

— Ken Dobrovolny, via [email protected]

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4 months ago

OK ,what do you want to do with the vaccinated who get covid,leave them in the streets,you mention heart attack patients,how many are over weight?Stroke patients aren’t much different , i am one ,turns out it was my fault for over indulging in all the tasty treats with no regard for my health.
Since when do we blame society for getting sick,covid does not appear to be preventable vax or not no matter what fauci says .

3 months ago

Ken, with respect

you are on a slippery slope