LETTERS: Police must acknowledge harm against Black and Brown communities


Editor: I wonder if Sergeant Hummel is even aware of the history of Gov’t sanctioned police violence toward Black and Brown communities. And the accompanying police silence that shielded this behavior from public view and accountability. Police want to say they are here to serve and protect. But they are reluctant to publicly acknowledge their past actions. If police want to be seen as credible community partners they must publicly acknowledge and take responsibility for their past harmful actions toward Black and Brown communities.

— S. Ford via [email protected]

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Dennis Duffy
Dennis Duffy
7 months ago

No one has to grovel for forgiveness if they have done nothing wrong. What an assinine comment from this deeply confused person who chooses to live in the past harboring grudges like the malignancy they are. Today is the day we should be concerned about. If today we are good people then tomorrow we benefit from yesterday. What tripe….