LETTERS: Mayor Mike Coffman dismisses how easily becoming homeless can be for many


Editor: I think Mike Coffman needs to find gainful employment outside of being a useless life-time politician, like Mitch McConnell et al, to sustain his financial status from taxpayers.

Homelessness can strike anyone at anytime.

Seniors on Social Security received an average of $29 per month last year. Tell me how that pays for rent, food, and everyday living expenses which increase every year. My husband and I would like to live in a place like Wind Crest in Highlands Ranch. At $2,500 per month, tell me how that is viable on a fixed income.

Maggie Kuchta, via [email protected]

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Dennis Duffy
Dennis Duffy
1 year ago

Wow 29 dollars a month… Not to suggest that seems like the pittance it is but how did that figure come into being. I was unemployed and had little reportable income until I was in my 50s, I started work at the phone company, not as a manager or anything special and when I turned 62 started collecting ss. It was not 29 dollars. Never heard of Wind Crest and Highlands ranch seems pricey anyway. Please provide a logical basis for both your facts and your situation. Plus maybe you should have remembered the story about the pigs and the wolf who blew those houses down……..