LETTERS: Colorado deserves better than Ron Hanks for Senate


Editor: Like Republican Senate candidate Ron Hanks, I served in the U.S. Air Force. During my enlistment, I met and worked with many decent, intelligent and brave people. If any of them had threatened violence against a coworker, joked about lynching, damaged a government building, or tried to overthrow the U.S. government, they would have been court-martialed. Hanks has done those things.

Ron Hanks is a sitting state representative who attended the Jan 6th insurrection.
His U.S. Senate campaign is rooted in election conspiracy theories: In the video announcing his candidacy, he used a rifle to blow up a copy machine labeled “Dominion Voting Machine”. He threatened to break a fellow state representative’s neck. On the State House floor, he said that the U.S. Constitution’s three-fifths compromise did not diminish anyone’s humanity. On the same State House floor, he joked about lynching. He opposes Colorado’s popular vote-by-mail option.

I have visited Cañon City in his district. It has breathtakingly beautiful mountain vistas and kind, friendly people. They deserve representation that better reflects those values.
Hanks is one of seven primary candidates for the Senate nomination, and I hope voters will swiftly reject him. His behavior brings shame to the Air Force, to his district, and to Colorado.

—Paula DeJohn, via [email protected]

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Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell
2 months ago

If members of the House of Representatives and the Senate were in the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, didn’t they attend the “insurrection” too? I’m just trying to use your logic.

Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
2 months ago
Reply to  Nick Campbell

The members were supposed to be there. They were doing the nation’s business. The Trumpalos weren’t.

You’re not using anyone else’s “logic”, you’re just trying to be cute.

You’re not.

2 months ago

Please folk, do nothing to dissuade Colorado ReTrumplicants from putting forward a slate of candidates such as Hanks and the other passengers in the crazy clown car (looking at you Broebert, Lamborn, Buck, Roberts and Saine.) This is perhaps the last hurrah for the hate filled bitter party in our state. Time to have a party more based on policies and principles than on fear and bitterness.