Poppy and Pine Flower Company on Thursday Dec. 22, 2016 at Stanley Marketplace. Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel

Aurora doesn’t often get touted as the shopping capital of Colorado. The city is abundant with bodegas, great artists and multicultural eateries, but tourists aren’t really clamoring to go to the Town Center at Aurora. Stanley is looking to change that with some hip boutiques (do youths still say “hip”?) that’ll impress tourists and locals alike. Here’s a snapshot of businesses to come.


OK, the name kind of gives the impression that it’s a butcher shop or a weird Swedish children’s book, but it’s actually a super cool store that offers clothes and accessories for men, women and kids. With a vintage store vibe, G&G’s most impressive section is definitely the shoes. Unsurprisingly, the owner’s own fashion journey started with her first pair footgear — a pair of red clogs. This same quirkiness is reflected in a shoe selection that is marked by unique boots and booties, high quality leather and adorable wee sneakers for kids in styles that surpass what you’ll find at Target and Payless. Looking to please your style savvy friends and family? Stop in here, it’s a “shoe”-in.


Sometimes you like someone so much, the idea of gifting them something everyone else has seems almost wrong. Maybe that person is yourself (self-love isn’t selfish, it’s necessary, right?). Or there’s a chance it’s a friend that always tells you what she wants and then two days later has it in her hands, effectively closing your window of opportunity of gifting it to her. Trunk Noveau is going to be the boutique you go to for that person. Boasting an array of mugs, jewelry, perfumes, cards and so much more, this little shop brings to mind a modern day trunk show with locally made goods that you won’t find anywhere else.


Zero gets a bad wrap. Zero pounds lost, zero money gained, zero points —  “zero” things just aren’t good. It mean’s you’re losing at something, or at the very least, making zero progress. This shop is sure to change everyone’s mind about zero. Zero Market is aiming to make the planet a little wasteful, one item at a time. With organic, plastic-free, locally made products, this is the place to shop to feel green and waste-free. What really makes this store special is that you can get wasteful products you use daily in an Earth-friendly version: deodorant, toothpaste, makeup remover, shampoo and other organic, vegan body products that come in reusable glass jars and containers that won’t end up in a landfill. Most people don’t really think about their teeth brushing or baths as hurting the environment, and Zero Market is looking to change that. In addition, their kitchen section is full of those cool hipster mason jars and stainless steel mugs that’ll make you the envy of all your granola Boulder friends. Green dreams do come true.


Shopping is the best pastime…when you have money, especially in Colorado. The abundance of  locally-made goods and foods is a blessing but breaks the bank for the regular working person. I’m sorry, but $39 for a mug seems excessive, no matter how beautiful and unique it is. And $250 for a leather bag? OK, I can swing that if I eat 59-cent ramen for the rest of the month. What makes Velvet Wolf so delightful is that is has a wide array of these locally-made goods but nothing costs more than $100. Seriously.

They have gorgeous jewelry, adorable clothes and cheeky products (a magnet that says “Ovaries before brovaries”? Yes, please). And none of it will lead to that befuddled expression one gets from doing mental math in a store as they try to compromise their impulse buying with, you know, rent and food.


Sometimes Colorado can feel like its own bubble. We get so wrapped up in the snow and cold, we forget there’s clothing that exists that isn’t made of fleece or spandex or filled with goose down. Sterre is looking to introduce something new to Colorado’s casual. The owner, having traveled to the Netherlands, Greece and South Africa, is looking to introduce an aesthetic that has a more worldly vibe. The boutique will feel like a best friend’s cozy closet or dressing room, filled with clothes made by designers from near and far.

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