Common Threads clothing drive


    AURORA | It was anything but an ordinary day for a few dozen people who attended the Common Threads clothing drive in Aurora last weekend. Attendees went home with new digs, tailored especially for them.

    Tables at the event busted at the edges with formalwear piled on top of each other two and three layers deep. It was clothing appropriate for an upcoming Easter church service and dresses better suited for a glitzy prom night or other events that required you get fancified.

    A wedding dress hung next to evening gowns in the tall windows of the Hoffman Library, glistening as the sun burst through from behind them.

    Tanaja Davis, 11, left, holds up a dress that she wants to try on, getting help Hannah Bartley, an employee of the Hoffman Library, April 6 during the Common Threads clothing drive.
    Photo by Philip B. Poston/Sentinel Colorado

    Each piece was made available through donations given at Aurora Public Library branches during the month of March for this April 6 clothing drive at the Hoffman PC Library.

    With prom season approaching, formalwear was an obvious choice for the Common Threads program’s second clothing drive, said Chris Grawl, Assistant to the Regional Manager for Aurora Public Libraries and creator of the Common Threads clothing drive.

    “Around 40 people came to the drive and about 25 people walked away with clothes,” he said.

    And each person who took clothing walked away with three or four pieces each.

    As with any formalwear purchase, there is no guarantee that your newly minted duds will fit appropriately. The Hoffman PC Library has a sewing lab at the library and was made available for on-site alterations.

    Lara Beckwith, the head of the sewing lab at Hoffman Library, pulls a zipper from a dress that someone picked out for themselves at the Common Goods clothing drive, April 6 at the Hoffman Library.
    Photo by Philip B. Poston/Sentinel Colorado

    Lara Beckwith, who runs the sewing lab at Hoffman, was there in the sewing lab, to make sure the gowns and tuxedo pants got the needed adjustments. Pants were hemmed and minor alterations were needed to several pieces that were taken, but some were fortunate enough to not need any alterations. A perfect fit.

    Beckwith and sewing lab assistant Hannah Bartley made about 10 alterations.  

    The Common Threads clothing drive hopes to be a semi-annual event, and while all of the donated clothing wasn’t taken, the leftover pieces were donated to the theatre department of a local high school.