LAKEWOOD | Girls individual and relay placers from Aurora schools at the 2017 Class 5A state track meet May 17-19, 2018, at Jefferson County Stadium:

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CHEROKEE TRAIL: Chian DeLoach, sr. (2nd, 5A long jump/5th, 5A triple jump); Sydnee Larkin, sr. (state champion, 5A long jump/2nd, 5A triple jump/4th, 5A 100 meters/4th, 5A 200 meters); Jaiden Paris, sr. (2nd, 5A 100 meter hurdles/6th, 5A 300 meter hurdles); Taylor Watson, sr. (2nd, 5A 100 meters/5th, 5A 200 meters); Relays: Jaiden Paris, Chian DeLoach, Mahogany Richardson, Taylor Watson (2nd, 5A 4×200 meter relay); Jaiden Paris, Taylor Watson, Chian DeLoach, Mahogany Richardson (2nd, 5A 4×100 meter relay); Abby Snogren, Caitlin McConnell, Madison Gibson, Soonhee Han (9th, 5A 4×800 meter relay)

GRANDVIEW: Kameryn Brown, soph. (8th, 5A 100 meter hurdles); Alisha Davis, jr. (3rd, 5A high jump); Kylee Harr, sr. (state champion, 5A high jump/9th, 5A long jump); Kaitlyn Mercer, jr. (5th, 5A 800 meters/8th, 5A 400 meters); Leilah Vigil, sr. (2nd, 5A shot put); Lily Williams, soph. (state champion, 5A 400 meters); Relays: Saniya Craft, Kaitlyn Mercer, Kameryn Brown, Lily Williams (state champion, 5A 4×400 meter relay; Kylee Harr, Melody Nwagwu, Saniya Craft, Lily Williams (2nd, 5A 800 sprint medley relay); Kameryn Brown, Clara Tuti, Saniya Craft, Lily Williams (4th, 5A 4×200 meter relay)

HINKLEY: Sierra Arceneaux, sr. (8th, 5A 200 meters); Diondra Wilborn, soph. (7th, 5A 100 meter hurdles); Relays: Kierra Arceneaux, Precious Osei, Diondra Wilborn, Sierra Arceneaux (9th, 5A 4×200 meter relay); Kierra Arceneaux, Precious Osei, Diondra Wilborn, Sierra Arceneaux (9th, 5A 4×100 meter relay)

OVERLAND: Zeaniah Wedgeworth, fr. (5th, 5A 100 meter hurdles/9th, 5A 100 meters); Julyah Wilson, sr. (6th, 5A 200 meters/8th, 5A 100 meters); Relay: Jaivion Lattimore, Zeaniah Wedgeworth, ShyTe’yana Davis, Julyah Wilson (3rd, 5A 4×100 meter relay)

RANGEVIEW: Jasmine Bowman, jr. (5th, 5A 400 meters); Ayana Brown, soph. (5th, 5A long jump); Livia Sundberg, sr. (4th, 5A high jump); Relays: Ayana Brown, Jaedyn Martin, Livia Sundberg, Jasmine Bowman (5th, 5A 4×200 meter relay); Ayana Brown, Jaedyn Martin, Ezi Ozoma, Jasmine Bowman (6th, 5A 4×100 meter relay)

REGIS JESUIT: Kylie Davis, sr. (2nd, 5A 300 meter hurdles/3rd, 5A 100 meter hurdles); Emma Goldsmith, sr. (T8, 5A high jump); Molly Goldsmith, jr. (T8, 5A high jump); Hailey Harris, jr. (4th, 5A triple jump)

SMOKY HILL: Christine Bailey, jr. (7th, 5A long jump); Amelia Johannes, jr. (8th, 300 meter hurdles); Relays: Sarah Klatt, Christine Bailey, Sophia Cupp, Amelia Johannes (2nd, 5A 4×400 meter relay); Makiya Gayles, Sophia Cupp, Sarah Klatt, Amelia Johannes (3rd, 5A 4×200 meter relay); Makiya Gayles, Christine Bailey, Sophia Cupp, Amelia Johannes (7th, 5A 4×100 meter relay)

VISTA PEAK: Raina Branch, soph. (2nd, 4A high jump/7th, 4A 200 meters); Kamryn Scott, sr. (5th, 4A 400 meters); Relay: Raina Branch, Mikayla Jones, Jadelynn Strasser, Kamryn Scott (6th, 4A 4×200 meter relay)