PARKER | Team scores and individual first and second team and honorable mention honors as earned at the 2014 Centennial/Continental League Championship gymnastics meet on Oct. 15, 2014, at Ponderosa High School. Overland athletes in bold and uppercased:

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Team scores: 1. OVERLAND 181.250 points; 2. Cherry Creek 179.325; 3. Ponderosa 171.525; 4. Palmer Ridge 167.500; 5. District 20 164.900; 6. Rock Canyon 162.250; Heritage 160.200


First team — Mackinzie Doerr (Cherry Creek), DEVIN BUNDAS (OVERLAND), Samantha Simon (Cherry Creek), MCKENNA TURBYNE (OVERLAND), Kaela Schandle (Heritage), Katie Steward (Ponderosa); Second team — KELLYN TOOLE (OVERLAND), Taylor Recaido (District 20), Lindsey Jula (Ponderosa), Dani Johnson (District 20), Rachel Westfall (Palmer Ridge); Honorable mention — Kianah Cordova (Palmer Ridge), Rachel Bryant (Palmer Ridge), Avery Paxton (Cherry Creek), Elise Shalowitz (Cherry Creek)


First team — Mackinzie Doerr (Cherry Creek), Samantha Simon (Cherry Creek), MCKENNA TURBYNE (OVERLAND), Kaela Schandle (Heritage), DEVIN GUTTMAN (OVERLAND); Second Team — Mya Dodd (Cherry Creek), AMANDA ANDREWS (OVERLAND), MACKENZIE FRENCH (OVERLAND), DEVIN BUNDAS (OVERLAND), KELLYN TOOLE (OVERLAND); Honorable mention — Avery Paxton (Cherry Creek), COURTNEY SALANO (OVERLAND), Isabel Tellez (Palmer Ridge), Mickey Warren (Ponderosa)


First team — DEVIN BUNDAS (OVERLAND), MCKENNA TURBYNE (OVERLAND), Kaela Schandle (Heritage), Mackinzie Doerr (Cherry Creek); Second team — Samantha Simon (Cherry Creek), Sarah Fangrow (Cherry Creek), GENESIS HATHAWAY (OVERLAND), Taylor Recaido (District 20); Honorable mention — Rachel Bryant (Palmer Ridge), Dani Johnson (District 20), Emily Stillwell (Rock Canyon)


First team — Mackinzie Doerr (Cherry Creek), DEVIN BUNDAS (OVERLAND), Samantha Simon (Cherry Creek), Rachel Wong (Cherry Creek); Second team — Katie Steward (Ponderosa), GENESIS HATHAWAY (OVERLAND), Makaela Powell (Ponderosa), MADIE VENEGAS (OVERLAND), Erin Stuteville (Ponderosa); Honorable mention — McKenna Moede (Ponderosa), Kayti Conger (Rock Canyon), Rachel Bryant (Palmer Ridge), Abby Smith (District 20), Courtney Cissell (Heritage)


First team — MCKENNA TURBYNE (OVERLAND), Mackinizie Doerr (Cherry Creek), Kaela Schandle (Heritage), Samantha Simon (Cherry Creek), DEVIN BUNDAS (OVERLAND), KELLYN TOOLE (OVERLAND); Second team — MADIE VENEGAS (OVERLAND), Katie Steward (Ponderosa), Jaylin Escamilla (Ponderosa), Kimberly Loidolt (Palmer Ridge), Rachel Westfall (Palmer Ridge), Lindsey Jula (Ponderosa), Dani Johnson (District 20), AUMNI ASHBY (OVERLAND); Honorable mention — Amanda Fiske (Heritage), Taylor Krason (Rock Canyon), Avery Paxton (Cherry Creek), Abby Smith (District 20), Rachel Wong (Cherry Creek)

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