AURORA | Schedule for the Eaglecrest Invitational volleyball tournament Sept. 14-15:


Pool 1: 1. Grandview, 2. Pine Creek, 3. Roosevelt, 4. Legacy

Pool 2: 1. Eaglecrest, 2. C.S.C.S, 3. Platte Valley

Pool 3: 1. Arapahoe, 2. Eaton, 3. Denver East, 4. Littleton

Pool 4: 1. Cherokee Trail, 2. Maria Carrilo, 3. Mountain Vista, 4. University


4 p.m.: Grandview vs. Roosevelt; Eaglecrest vs. Platte Valley; Arapahoe vs. Denver East; Cherokee Trail vs. Mountain Vista

5 p.m.: Pine Creek vs. Legacy; Eaton vs. Littleton; Maria Carrilo vs. University

6:15 p.m.: Pine Creek vs. Roosevelt; C.S.C.S. vs. Platte Valley; Eaton vs. Denver East; Maria Carrilo vs. Mountain Vista

7:30 p.m.: Grandview vs. Legacy; Arapahoe vs. Littleton; Cherokee Trail vs. University


8 a.m.: Legacy vs. Roosevelt; Littleton vs. Denver East; University vs. Mountain Vista

9 a.m.: Pine Creek vs. Grandview; C.S.C.S. vs. Eaglecrest; Maria Carrilo vs. Cherokee Trail

10:15 a.m.: Semifinals — Pool No. 1 vs. Pool No. 4

11:30 a.m.: Semifinals — Pool No. 2 vs. Pool No. 3

12:45 p.m.: Loser vs. Loser

2 p.m.: Winner vs. winner

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