Regis Jesuit senior Amery Galan earned a spot on the All-Continental League first team for the 2022 girls volleyball season as selected by league coaches. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

AURORA | Regis Jesuit’s selection as well as those from Castle View, Chaparral, Douglas County, Heritage, Highlands Ranch, Legend, Mountain Vista, Ponderosa, Rock Canyon and ThunderRidge on the All-Continental League first and second teams for the 2022 girls volleyball season as voted on by league coaches:

Courtney Oakes is Sentinel Colorado Sports Editor. Reach him at [email protected]: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports



Aurora selection: Amery Galan, sr. (Libero), Regis Jesuit

Other selections: Paityn Chapman, jr. (OH) and Macy Thornburg, sr. (at-large), Castle View; Makenzie Brandon, sr. (MH), Kai Kofoed-Cooke, soph. (OH), Aliah Snider, jr. (S), Kailea Trinque, sr. (DS) and Ella Vogel, jr. (S), Chaparral; Caity Clancy, sr. (Libero), Emily Marsh, sr. (DS) and Bailey Nichols, sr. (RS), Douglas County; Alyssa Champagne, sr. (at-large), Annika Sokol, sr. (S) and Aiva Titus, jr. (MH), Heritage; Dani Crawford, sr. (OH), Highlands Ranch; Grace Woodring, jr. (MH), Legend; Kayla Dondero, jr. (RS), Bridget Malone, soph. (OH) and Michael Wittren, sr. (OH), Mountain Vista; Katherine Rank, sr. (MH), Ponderosa; Alivia Eikenberg, soph. (OH), Audrey Rhea, sr. (MH) and Addie Waller, jr. (S), Rock Canyon; Kira Chaney, sr. (at-large), ThunderRidge

Coach of the Year: Doug Schafer, Mountain Vista and Angela Nylund-Hanson, Rock Canyon. Sportsmanship Team of the Year: Heritage


Other selections: Jiana Kopp, sr. (OH), Castle View; Zoey Lenth, soph. (MH), Chaparral; Belle Dolan, sr. (OH), Raegan Erickson, soph. (MH), Halee Feth, sr. (S), Douglas County; Riley Michael, sr. (OH), Audrey Shaw, soph. (MH), Heritage; Cameron Lindahl, sr. (OH), Lauren Markwell, sr. (Libero), Amelia Perla, jr. (MH) and Lily Markwell, soph. (DS), Highlands Ranch; Sandy Hollenbaugh, jr. (RS), Regan Kadel, jr. (S), Hannah Shonka, jr. (Liberro) and Ania Swartzendruber, sr. (OH), Legend; Addie Stephens, jr. (Libero), Mountain Vista; Emme Carwin, soph. (at-large), Morgan Carwin, sr. (DS) and Kaitlyn Tuller, sr. (S), Ponderosa; Ava Blanco, jr. (at-large), Alina Hajewski, sr. (OH) and Hannah Staples, sr. (RS), Rock Canyon; Lauren Ellmore, sr. (at-large) and Katrina Phan, sr. (Libero), ThunderRidge

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