Recently graduated Regis Jesuit senior Emma Weber was among the Raiders who achieved All-American status for the 2021-22 girls swim season as recognized by the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA). (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

The Regis Jesuit girls swim team had multiple All-Americans for the 2021-22 season in the list released by the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA) June 26.

Coach Nick Frasersmith’s Raiders, who finished third behind Cherry Creek and Fairview at the Class 5A girls state championship meet in February at the Veterans’ Memorial Aquatic Complex, landed the honors for two relay teams as well as three individuals in recent graduate Emma Weber along with seniors-to-be in Sophia Frei and Olivia Roumph.

NISCA recognizes the top 100 verified times from across the country that achieve a certain standard time or score in each event as All-Americans.

Weber and Frei teamed with seniors Allie Sanchez and Grace Dale on the 200 yard freestyle relay, which was only the third-fastest at the state meet, but it was the eighth-fastest in the entire nation with a top time of 1:41.28. Dale (who is headed to Tulane) earned a second All-American relay award when she teamed with fellow seniors Faith Marsicek and Amelie Colsman plus junior Rosie Jump on the 95th-ranked 200 freestyle relay team, which had a top time of, 1:36.37.

Individually, Weber (a University of Virginia signee) won the state championship in the 100 yard breaststroke for the third time in four years and achieved All-American status with a time of 1:01.51, while Roumph posted the country’s 93rd-fastest time of 1:03.26.

Frei clocked a best time in the 100 yard backstroke of 54.95 seconds that ranked her 62nd in the country and brought with it All-American status.

All of the All-American appear heavily on the 2021-22 Sentinel Colorado All-Aurora Girls Swim Team (story, here).

Outside of the Regis Jesuit contingent, girls swimmers from Cherry Creek, Cheyenne Mountain, Fairview, Fort Collins, Fossil Ridge, Heritage, Holy Family, Legacy and Niwot also achieved All-American recognition.

Courtney Oakes is Sentinel Colorado Sports Editor. Reach him at [email protected] Twitter: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports


200 yard medley relay: 5. Cherry Creek, 1 minute, 40.33; 6. Fairview, 1:41.02; 8. REGIS JESUIT (Sophia Frei, Emma Weber, Allie Sanchez, Grace Dale), 1:41.28; 13. Fossil Ridge, 1:42.59; T30. Legacy, 1:43.41; 49. Heritage, 1:44.27; 85. Fort Collins, 1:45.37

200 yard freestyle: 30. Karolina Bank (Fairview), 1 minute, 47.76 seconds;
73. Abigail Perry (Lewis-Palmer), 1:49.62

200 yard indiv. medley: 1. Lucy Bell (Fossil Ridge), 1 minute, 54.99 seconds; 8. Caroline Bricker (Cheyenne Mountain), 1:57.91; T40. Mary Codevilla (Niwot), 2:01.06; 45. Charlotte Wilson (Cherry Creek), 2:01.32; 87. Julianna Jones (Fairview), 2:02.85; 88. Sabrina Rachjaibun (Legacy), 2:02.92; 98. Teagan Steinmetz (Cherry Creek), 2:03.34

50 yard freestyle: 22. Morgan Lukinac (Fairview), 22.74 seconds; T33. Lawson Ficken (Cherry Creek), 22.89; T48. Mary Codevilla (Niwot), 23.07; T85. Indigo Armon (Legacy), 23.36

1-meter diving: Dahlia Allen, Lewis-Palmer; Ivy Buckley, Rampart; Mary Kate Cavanaugh, Holy Family

100 yard butterfly: T7. Lucy Bell (Fossil Ridge), 52.65 seconds; 14. Renee Gillilan (Fossil Ridge), 53.12; T33. Edie Simecek (Fairview), 54.06; 36. Alexis Greenhawt (Cherry Creek), 54.11; 37. Caroline Bricker (Cheyenne Mountain), 54.15; T61. Mary Macaulay (Heritage), 54.59; T69. Sydney Bales (Legacy), 54.67; T74. Amelia Mason (Fairview), 54.78

100 yard freestyle: 9. Lucy Bell (Fossil Ridge), 48.98 seconds; 45. Lawson Ficken (Cherry Creek), 50.05; T73. Renee Gillilan (Fossil Ridge), 50.55; T81. Mary Codevilla (Niwot), 50.59; T81. Alexis Greenhawt (Cherry Creek), 50.59; T90. Morgan Lukinac (Fairview), 50.67; 96. Indigo Armon (Legacy), 50.83

500 yard freestyle: 34. Sabrina Rachjaibun (Legacy), 4 minutes, 51.34 seconds; 57. Caroline Bricker (Cheyenne Mountain), 4:53.64; 94. Amelia Mason (Fairview), 4:56.04; 95. Abigail Perry (Lewis-Palmer), 4:56.06; 100. Elizabeth Brock (Cherry Creek), 4:56.42

200 yard freestyle relay: 9. Cherry Creek, 1 minute, 33 seconds; 11. Fairview, 1:33.46; 32. Legacy, 1:34.70; 51. Heritage, 1:35.43; 52. Niwot, 1:35.46; 95. REGIS JESUIT (Grace Dale, Faith Marsicek, Amelie Colsman, Rosie Jump), 1:36.37; T100. Fort Collins, 1:36.48

100 yard backstroke: T20. Charlotte Wilson (Cherry Creek), 53.88; 22. Alexis Greenhawt (Cherry Creek), 53.91; T24. Sydney Bales (Legacy), 53.99; 54. Mary Macaulay (Heritage), 54.74; 62. SOPHIA FREI (REGIS JESUIT), 54.95; 71. Renee Gillilan (Fossil Ridge), 55.10

100 yard breaststroke: 8. Mary Codevilla (Niwot), 1 minute, 0.70 seconds; 11. Caroline Bricker (Cheyenne Mountain), 1:00.95; 22. EMMA WEBER (REGIS JESUIT), 1:01.51; 31. Sydney McKenzie (Lewis-Palmer), 1:01.88; 38. Ryan Johnston (Arapahoe), 1:02.21; 69. Karolina Bank (Fairview), 1:02.91; 72. Sophia Capp (Heritage), 1:02.96; T92. OLIVIA ROUMPH (REGIS JESUIT), 1:03.26; T94. Aislyn Barnett (Heritage), 1:03.27

400 yard freestyle relay: 5. Fossil Ridge, 3 minutes, 22.40 seconds; 6. Fairview, 3:22.82; 7. Cherry Creek, 3:23.23; 26. Legacy, 3:25.46; 57. Heritage, 3:27.48; T72. Niwot, 3:28.58

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