Girls Swimming: Key dates, information and swimmers to watch for 2017-18 season

Grandview junior Lyssa Wood returns for the 2017-18 girls swim season after she placed in two individual events last season when she collected sixth in the 500 yard freestyle and 12th in the 200 individual medley. Wood is one of the Aurora swimmers to watch for the 2017-18 season. (Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel)

AURORA | A look at key dates, information and swimmers/divers to watch for Aurora programs during the 2017-18 girls swimming season:

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Key dates:  Nov. 10 — First practice allowed; Nov. 29 — First regular season meet allowed; Dec. 16 — Coaches Invitational at Veterans’ Memorial Aquatic Center (8:30 a.m. prelims, 4 p.m. finals); Jan. 13 — Smoky Hill Invitational; Jan. 26 — Aurora Public Schools Championship Meet at Rangeview; Feb. 2-3 — Centennial “A” League Championships at Arapahoe; Continental “A” League Championships at Heritage/diving at Littleton; EMAC Championships at Veterans’ Memorial Aquatic Center; Feb. 9-10 — Class 5A state meet at Edora Pool & Ice Center, Fort Collins

2017-18 5A state qualifying times: 200 yard medley relay — 2 minutes, 03.00 seconds; 200 yard freestyle — 2:03.00; 200 yard individual medley — 2:18.50; 50 yard freestyle — 25.80; 1-meter diving — 6 dives, 220 (10.3) & 11 dives, 345 (12.3); 100 yard butterfly — 1:02.50; 100 yard freestyle — 56.40; 500 yard freestyle — 5:32.00; 200 yard freestyle relay — 1:50.00; 100 yard backstroke — 1:03.00; 100 yard breaststroke — 1:12.30; 400 yard freestyle relay — 4:00.00

Aurora coaches: Aurora Central — Sarah Ferris; Cherokee Trail — Kevin Chatham; Eaglecrest — Jillian Fehringer; Gateway — Kathy Andrie; Grandview — Karen Ammon; Hinkley — Beth Himes; Overland — Michael Pineda; Rangeview — Peter Gerard; Regis Jesuit — Nick Frasersmith; Smoky Hill — Scott Cohen

Returning Aurora 5A state placers: Parker Biley, Regis Jesuit, soph. (16th, 100 yard breaststroke); Sophia Bradac, Regis Jesuit, soph. (9th, 100 yard breaststroke); Simone Cade, Grandview, sr. (9th, 100 yard freestyle); Rachel Hubka, Regis Jesuit, jr. (16th, 50 yard freestyle); Samantha Hufford, Grandview, sr. (14th, 200 yard freestyle); Blythe Iverson, Smoky Hill, soph. (8th, 500 yard freestyle); Anne Marie Kenny, Regis Jesuit, sr. (12th, 1-meter diving); Sarah Mortenson, Rangeview, jr. (16th, 1-meter diving); Maggie Robben, Smoky Hill, soph. (14th, 100 yard breaststroke); Natalie Rotondo, Smoky Hill, sr. (8th, 200 yard freestyle/12th, 100 yard butterfly); Jada Surrell-Norwood, Regis Jesuit, soph. (2nd, 100 yard freestyle/5th, 50 yard freestyle); Meriel Upton, Regis Jesuit, jr. (10th, 100 yard freestyle); Lyssa Wood, Grandview, jr. (6th, 500 yard freestyle/12th, 200 indiv. medley); Christie Yee, Cherokee Trail, sr. (13th, 1-meter diving)

Returning Aurora 5A state qualifiers: Caitlyn Agee-Keys, Cherokee Trail, jr. (200 yard indiv. medley & 100 breaststroke); Avery Ancell, Grandview, jr., 100 breaststroke; Carly Behrendt, Regis Jesuit, soph. (50 freestyle); Claire Brennan, Regis Jesuit, jr. (50 freestyle); Izzie Capra, Regis Jesuit, jr. (50 freestyle & 100 backstroke); Dani Carr, Regis Jesuit, sr. (100 backstroke); Isalina Colsman, Regis Jesuit, soph. (50 freestyle); Summer Edwards, Regis Jesuit, jr. ( 200 indiv. medley & 100 breaststroke); Jasmine Johnson, Rangeview, soph. (200 indiv. medley & 100 breaststroke); Ava Leege, Regis Jesuit, soph. (200 indiv. medley); Meghan Mai, Cherokee Trail, jr. (100 backstroke); Ariana Mitsuoka, Regis Jesuit, soph. (100 breaststroke); Molly Nankey, Grandview, jr. (100 butterfly & 500 freestyle); Manna Nelson, Regis Jesuit, soph. (500 freestyle); Kim Nguyen, Eaglecrest, jr. (50 freestyle); Jaclyn Santiago, Smoky Hill, jr. (diving); Hadley Templin, Regis Jesuit, sr. (200 freestyle & 100 backstroke); Audrey Trainor, Regis Jesuit, sr. (500 freestyle)l Courtney Vale, Regis Jesuit, jr. (100 breaststroke); Maddie Wilson, Cherokee Trail, jr. (200 freestyle)

Other Aurora swimmers/divers to watch: Melissa Alihodzic, Gateway, jr.; Keghan Banaitis, Rangeview, jr.; Valeria Banos, Gateway, jr.; Kaity Brookes, Cherokee Trail, sr.; Emely Canales, Hinkley, jr.; Tatiana Cantu, Overland, jr.; Valeria Castaneda, Gateway, jr.; Hayley Cook, Regis Jesuit, soph.; Lauren Graff, Rangeview, jr.; Veronica Hildebrand, Grandview, soph.; Madison Houtkooper, Cherokee Trail, soph.; Franna Hutchens, Regis Jesuit, soph.; Irene Kim, Rangeview, fr.; Vickie Liu, Smoky Hill, sr.; Kat Lockwood, Gateway, sr.; Celia Loya, Gateway, jr.; Julia Matney, Grandview, fr.; Mayjia Miles, Gateway, jr.; Nikki Minikus, Rangeview, jr.; Joanna O’Connell, Overland, jr.; Lauren Olczak, Regis Jesuit, sr.;  Annabelle Overstreet, Eaglecrest; Jadyn Phillips, Grandview, fr.; Katie Power, Smoky Hill, soph.; Regan Ramsey, Cherokee Trail, jr.; Catherine Rodocker, Grandview, fr.; Amber Smith, Eaglecrest; Sarah Torline, Cherokee Trail, soph.; Brieyana Walton, Smoky Hill, sr.; Lauren Zugelder, Hinkley, jr.