The top 10 placers from in the 500 yard freestyle at the Class 5A girls state swim meet pose on the podium on Feb. 10, 2023, at VMAC. The placers included Regis Jesuit’s Lexi Stramel, far left, who was 10th, Smoky Hill’s Cameryn Walkup, second from left, who was eighth and Regis Jesuit’s Taylor Johannsen, second from right, who was fifth. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

THORNTON | Individual and relay top 20 placers from Aurora schools at the 2023 Class 5A girls swim & diving championships at the Veterans’ Memorial Aquatic Center:

Courtney Oakes is Sentinel Colorado Sports Editor. Reach him at [email protected]: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports


CHEROKEE TRAIL: Morgan Walker, sr. (16th, 100 yard butterfly/19th, 100 yard backstroke); Sarah Woren, jr. (15th, 50 yard freestyle/17th, 100 yard freestyle); Jameson Young, fr. (13th, 50 yard freestyle). Relays: Morgan Walker, Jameson Young, Emme Metzmaker, Mckenna Mazeski (10th, 200 yard medley); Jameson Young, Bella Lane, Mckenna Mazeski, Sarah Woren (9th, 200 yard freestyle) and Bella Lane, Emme Metzmaker, Sarah Woren, Morgan Walker (12th, 400 yard freestyle)

GRANDVIEW: Amelia Brown, jr. (3rd, 50 yard freestyle/5th, 100 yard freestyle); Hailey-Cate Bull, jr. (14th, 1-meter diving); Addison Campbell, soph. (4th, 1-meter diving); Paige Dailey, sr. (2nd, 100 yard breaststroke); Megan Doubrava, sr. (14th, 500 yard freestyle/17th, 200 yard indiv. medley); Kya Guikema, sr. (10th, 200 yard freestyle/16th, 100 yard freestyle); Kaitlyn Hafer, jr. (8th, 100 yard breaststroke); Brynn Koehler, sr. (18th, 500 yard freestyle); Keira Vail, jr. (10th, 100 yard freestyle/17th, 50 yard freestyle). Relays: Caroline Payne, Paige Dailey, Rebecca Hildebrand, Keira Vail (9th, 200 yard medley); Megan Doubrava, Rebecca Hildebrand, Kya Guikema, Amelia Brown (8th, 200 yard freestyle) and Kya Guikema, Megan Doubrava, Keira Vail, Amelia Brown (10th, 400 yard freestyle)

REGIS JESUIT: Samantha Aguirre, sr. (7th, 100 yard butterfly/9th, 200 yard freestyle); Charlotte Burnham, jr. (state champion, 100 yard breaststroke/3rd, 200 yard individual medley); Sophia Frei, sr. (2nd, 100 yard backstroke/7th, 100 yard butterfly); Taylor Hoffman, soph. (20th, 100 yard freestyle); Kathryn Jewell, jr. (6th, 1-meter diving); Taylor Johannsen, fr. (4th, 200 yard freestyle/5th, 500 yard freestyle); Tierney Kohl, jr. (10th, 100 yard breaststroke/18th, 200 yard individual medley); Maya Kriz, jr. (7th, 1-meter diving); Sarah Mann, jr., (3rd, 1-meter diving); Amelia Marsicek, jr. (13th, 100 yard backstroke); Marian Penry, jr. (T17, 100 yard breaststroke); Lexi Stramel, fr. (10th, 500 yard freestyle/16th, 200 yard freestyle). Relays: Sophia Frei, Charlotte Burnham, Sophia Mitsuoka, Taylor Hoffman (2nd, 200 yard medley); Samantha Aguirre, Elise Kittleson, Taylor Hoffman, Taylor Johannsen (6th, 200 yard freestyle) and Samantha Aguirre, Sophia Frei, Charlotte Burnham, Taylor Johannsen (2nd, 400 yard freestyle)

SMOKY HILL: Cameryn Walkup, fr. (8th, 500 yard freestyle). Relays: Mya Noffsinger, Cameryn Walkup, Eve Niemann, Alana Behrens (18th, 200 yard medley)

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