Grandview made the championship finals in all three relay events at the 2022 Class 5A girls state swim meet, which helped the Wolves to sixth place as a team. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

THORNTON | Girls individual and relay top 20 placers from Aurora schools at the 2022 Class 5A girls swim & diving championships on Feb. 16, 2022, at the Veterans’ Memorial Aquatic Center:

Courtney Oakes is Sentinel Colorado Sports Editor. Reach him at [email protected]: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports


CHEROKEE TRAIL: Skylar Brgoch, sr. (6th, 100 yard butterfly/7th, 200 yard freestyle); Emme Metzmaker, soph. (12th, 200 yard freestyle); Sarah Woren, soph. (19th, 50 yard freestyle/19th, 100 yard freestyle). Relays: Morgan Walker, Ella Drakulich, Mckenna Mazeski, Emily Sovern (18th, 200 yard medley relay); Skylar Brgoch, Ella Drakulich, Mckenna Mazeski, Sarah Woren (12th, 200 yard freestyle relay) & Skylar Brgoch, Emme Metzmaker, Morgan Walker, Sarah Woren (6th, 400 yard freestyle relay)

GRANDVIEW: Peyton Belcher, soph. (20th, 100 yard butterfly); Addison Campbell, fr. (11th, 1-meter diving); Paige Dailey, jr. (7th, 100 yard breaststroke); Megan Doubrava, jr., (11th, 500 yard freestyle); Kya Guikema, jr. (17th, 200 yard freestyle); Kaitlyn Hafer, soph. (15th, 100 yard breaststroke); Brynn Koehler, jr. (20th, 500 yard freestyle); Madeleine Hemstreet, sr. (13th, 1-meter diving); Keira Vail, soph. (17th, 50 yard freestyle/17th, 100 yard freestyle); Ava Zadigan, fr. (14th, 100 yard backstroke/18th, 200 yard indiv. medley). Relays: Ava Zadigan, Paige Dailey, Peyton Belcher, Skylar Nollenberger (7th, 200 yard medley relay); Rebecca Hildebrand, Kya Guikema, Skylar Nollenberger, Keira Vail (8th, 200 yard freestyle relay) & Kya Guikema, Rebecca Hildenbrand, Ava Zadigan, Keira Vail (9th, 400 yard freestyle relay)

REGIS JESUIT: Samantha Aguirre, jr. (9th, 200 yard freestyle/12th, 100 yard butterfly); Kenna Cashman, sr. (17th, 200 yard indiv. medley/17th, 100 yard breaststroke); Grace Dale, sr. (5th, 50 yard freestyle/9th, 100 yard freestyle); Sophia Frei, jr. (5th, 100 yard backstroke/11th, 200 yard indiv. medley); Mia Henninger, soph. (8th, 1-meter diving); Rosie Jump, jr. (19th, 200 yard indiv. medley/20th, 100 yard breaststroke); Maya Kriz, soph. (18th, 1-meter diving); Greta Leege, sr. (17th, 100 yard butterfly); Chiara Lopach, sr. (3rd, 1-meter diving); Sarah Mann, soph. (9th, 1-meter diving); Faith Marsicek, sr. (16th, 50 yard freestyle/20th, 100 yard freestyle); Olivia Roumph, jr. (5th, 100 yard breaststroke); Allie Sanchez, sr. (10th, 100 yard backstroke/14th, 100 yard butterfly); Emma Weber, sr. (State champion, 100 yard breaststroke/7th, 200 yard indiv. medley). Relays: Sophia Frei, Emma Weber, Allie Sanchez, Grace Dale (3rd, 200 yard medley relay); Grace Dale, Faith Marsicek, Amelie Colsman, Rosie Jump (4th, 200 yard freestyle relay) & Sophia Frei, Faith Marsicek, Samantha Aguirre, Emma Weber (5th, 400 yard freestyle relay)

SMOKY HILL: Annelise Thomas, sr. (9th, 100 yard butterfly/19th, 100 yard backstroke)

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