Cherokee Trail placed in all three relays at the Class 5A girls state swim meet on Feb. 14, 2020, at the Veterans’ Memorial Aquatic Center, including 20th in the 200 yard freestyle relay. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

THORNTON | Aurora individual and relay placers from the 2020 Class 5A girls state swim meet held on Feb. 14, 2020, at the Veteran’s Memorial Aquatic Center:

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CHEROKEE TRAIL: Skylar Brgoch, soph. (15th, 200 yard freestyle/17th, 100 yard butterfly)

Relays200 yard medley relay (Morgan Walker, Kiyah Dotson, Skylar Brgoch, Sarah Torline), 16th; 200 yard freestyle relay (Kiyah Dotson, Trudi Paetzold, Claire Whitner, Emily Sovern), 20th; 400 yard freestyle relay (Sarah Torline, Emily Sovern, Tatum Louthan, Skylar Brgoch), 17th

EAGLECREST: Catie Rodocker, jr. (3rd, 1-meter diving)

GRANDVIEW: Brynn Koehler, fr. (20th, 500 yard freestyle); Hailey Matthews, jr. (5th, 200 yard freestyle)

Relays200 yard medley relay (Megan Thomas, Paige Dailey, Jenna Moss, Rebecca Hildebrand), 18th; 200 yard freestyle relay (Rebecca Hildebrand, Kya Guikema, Jenna Moss, Hailey Matthews), 13th; 400 yard freestyle relay (Kya Guikema, Megan Thomas, Megan Doubrava, Hailey Matthews), 16th

REGIS JESUIT: Samantha Aguirre, fr. (19th, 100 yard butterfly); Parker Biley, sr. (8th, 100 yard backstroke/13th, 100 yard freestyle); Catherine Bradac, jr. (8th, 100 yard breaststroke); Sophia Bradac, sr. (state champion, 100 yard breaststroke/9th, 200 yard individual medley); Kenna Cashman, soph. (16th, 500 yard freestyle); Isalina Colsman, sr. (16th, 50 yard freestyle); Grace Dale, soph. (8th, 50 yard freestyle/8th, 100 yard freestyle); Franna Hutchens, sr. (14th, 100 yard butterfly); Rosie Jump, fr. (14th, 200 yard freestyle/15th, 500 yard freestyle); Ellie Lopez, jr. (13th, 100 yard backstroke/14th, 200 yard individual medley); Faith Marsicek, soph. (20th, 200 yard freestyle); Ariana Mitsuoka, sr. (18th, 50 yard freestyle/20th, 100 yard freestyle); Manna Nelson, sr. (13th, 500 yard freestyle); Olivia Roumph, fr. (20th, 100 yard breaststroke); Jada Surrell-Norwood, sr. (3rd, 100 yard freestyle/4th, 50 yard freestyle);

Relays200 yard medley relay (Parker Biley, Sophia Bradac, Greta Leege, Ariana Mitsuoka), 4th; 200 yard freestyle relay (Grace Dale, Ariana Mitsuoka, Isalina Colsman, Jada Surrell-Norwood), 2nd; 400 yard freestyle relay (Grace Dale, Parker Biley, Sophia Bradac, Jada Surrell-Norwood), 3rd

SMOKY HILL: Blythe Iverson, sr. (10th, 500 yard freestyle); Maggie Robben, sr. (10th, 200 yard freestyle/19th, 100 yard breaststroke)

Relays200 yard medley relay (Kristina Domashevich, Maggie Robben, Annelise Thomas, Katie Power), 17th; 400 yard freestyle relay (Katie Power, Kristina Domashevich, Annelise Thomas, Maggie Robben), 15th