AURORA | Cherokee Trail, Eaglecrest, Overland and Rangeview selections as well as those from Heritage on the All-Class 4A East League teams for the 2023 girls lacrosse season as voted on by league coaches:

Courtney Oakes is Sentinel Colorado Sports Editor. Reach him at Twitter: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports



Aurora selections: Aubrey Benton, jr. (M), Kyla Bieker, jr. (A), Cassie Bruning, jr. (D) and Lorelei Gearity, soph. (M), Cherokee Trail; Naomi Emecheta, fr. (M) and Kiki Fierro, soph. (D), Eaglecrest; Vianca Mendoza, sr. (M), Overland; Shylin Collins, soph. (M), Alyssa Dozier (M) and Lexi Pettes, jr. (G), Rangeview

Other selections: Bella Gebinine, soph. (M), Anna Jacobs, jr. (M), Suraya Lorenz, fr. (G), Skylar Peterson, fr. (M) and Lucy Pritchard, sr. (D), Heritage


Aurora selections: Kylee Hayes, jr. (A), Sophia Liley, fr. (G), Sage Sorrells, sr. (A) and Abigail Vanzant (A), Cherokee Trail; Haleigh Nunley, sr. (A/M) and Nahiara Aparicio Perez, sr. (G/D), Eaglecrest; Hayden Norris, sr. (G), Overland; Olivia Meldahl, fr. (D), Jazzy Nunez, fr. (A) and Victoria Yancey, jr. (M), Rangeview

Other selections: Keagan Boyd, fr. (D), Lily LaFontano, sr. (D) and Josie Steffen, jr. (A), Heritage


Aurora selections: Haley Kenna, jr. (D), Kyra Shipp, jr. (M) and Makenzie Winters, fr. (D), Cherokee Trail; Haley Howard, sr., (M), Nilani Meyers, sr. (D) and Talei Ricketson, sr. (M), Eaglecrest; Violet Garcia, jr. (M), Lillian Nelson, jr. (A) and Sarah Sadler, sr. (D), Overland; Marissa Aguirre, sr. (D), Chase Freeland, soph. (D) and Isa Raygoza, jr. (D), Rangeview

Other selections: Neve Hay, fr. (A), Katie Hunter, jr. (A) and Logan Wilson, jr. (D), Heritage

Courtney Oakes is sports Editor and photographer with Sentinel Colorado. A Denver East High School alum. He came to the Sentinel in 2001 and since then has received a number of professional awards from...

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