Sophomore Mattea Dolan of the Overland co-op gymnastics team performs her routine on the uneven bars during the Class 5A/4A regional gymnastics meet on April 15, 2021, at Overland High School. Dolan scored 9.5 on the event and topped the all-around competition to help the Trailblazers win the regional title and qualify for the 5A state meet. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

AURORA | The Overland gymnastics team earned its top score of the season and secured a spot in the state meet with its regional performance Thursday.

Coach Lisa Sparrow’s Trailblazers played host to the first of three combined state qualifying meets and increasingly found their groove as the fast-moving meet moved on and it ended with a season-best team score of 181.2 and was easily enough to top the four Class 5A teams in the field.

Overland swept the top three spots in the all-around competition in sophomore Mattea Dolan (Grandview), senior Mabry Robinson (Smoky Hill) and senior Autumn Ivester (Cherokee Trail) and is the first team to quality for the 5A state meet, scheduled for April 22-24 at Thornton High School.

“We got off to a rough start and we spent the rest of the night trying to dig ourselves out of a hole from vault, so that was definitely a challenge,” Sparrow said. “The entire format of the meet was a challenge. We knew it was going to be that way, but the reality of it really hit you in the face.

“At the end of the day, they were able to get it together and it worked out OK.”

The meet moved quickly as the three teams in the session — Overland plus Ponderosa and Niwot — got eight minutes to warm up on an event, compete in it and then immediately move along to the next event.

The Trailblazers — who competed without regular Kate Decker (Cherokee Trail) — had a “hole” to dig out of with a less than ideal performance on the vault, which Sparrow said had been the team’s second-best event this season behind the floor exercise.

“The girls didn’t have their focus or their mental game at the beginning,” Sparrow said.

The brightest spot on the vault came from Dolan, who won the regional title in the event with a score of 9.5 to get her evening off to a strong start. She edged Robinson by 0.5 of a point for first place.

Dolan also collected the regional crown in the uneven bars with a 9.5 as well and those two wins gave her a boost towards an all-around score of 37.875 that currently ranks No. 1 in the state according to Sparrow.

Robinson finished a close second in the all-around with a score of 37.500 that was her season-best and was punctuated by a regional championship-winning score of 9.7 on the floor exercise to close the meet.

Ivester was the floor runner-up, finished in the top five of three of the four events and took third in the all-around with a score of 35.250.

Senior Bailey Rodriguez (Eaglecrest) gave Overland a sweep of regional championships as she earned a 9.425 to top competitors on the balance beam.

“We were thankful to come out having had success and finished the meet on top,” Sparrow said.

The 5A state team competition is scheduled for April 22 at Thornton High School with seven teams — the three regional champions plus the next four teams with the highest regional scores — plus a group of individuals set to compete in a meet formatted similarly to regionals.

The top 12 individuals in each event qualify for the individual event finals April 24.

More details of the state meet will be released after regionals are completed according to Sparrow, who is the chair of CHSAA’s Gymnastics Committee.

Courtney Oakes is Sentinel Colorado Sports Editor. Reach him at [email protected] Twitter: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports

Class 5A Region 1 (at Overland High School)

Team scores: 1. OVERLAND 181.2; 2. Ponderosa 168.5; 3. Heritage 165.675; 4. Rock Canyon 156.150

All-around: 1. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND) 37.875; 2. MABRY ROBINSON (OVERLAND) 37.500; 3. AUTUMN IVESTER (OVERLAND) 35.250; 4. Peyton Carlson (Ponderosa) 34.675; 5. Sydney Anders (Ponderosa) 34.100; 6. Ashlyn Williams (Ponderosa) 33.500; 7. Tiana Estrella (Ponderosa) 33.425; 8. Ashlita Lodha (Rock Canyon) 33.050; 9. Gabriella Levi (Rock Canyon) 31.575; 10. Morgan Divita (Heritage) 31.475

Vault: 1. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND) 9.5; 2. MABRY ROBINSON (OVERLAND) 9.45; 3. Mariah Schmeling (Heritage) 9; 4. AUTUMN IVESTER (OVERLAND) 8.65; 5. KYLA BURKE (OVERLAND) 8.65; 6. Ashlita Lodha (Rock Canyon) 8.625; 7. Jurnee Howk (Ponderosa) 8.6; 8. Peyton Carlson (Ponderosa) 8.6; 9. BAILEY RODRIGUEZ (OVERLAND) 8.525; 10. Ashlyn Williams (Ponderosa) 8.45

Balance Beam: 1. BAILEY RODRIGUEZ (OVERLAND) 9.425; 2. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND) 9.325; 3. MABRY ROBINSON (OVERLAND) 9.15; 4. Sydney Anders (Ponderosa) 9.1; 5. AUTUMN IVESTER (OVERLAND) 8.65; 6. KATIE ROLLIE (OVERLAND) 8.55; 7. Carly Backer (Heritage) 8.375; 8. Peyton Carlson (Ponderosa) 8.325; 9. Katelin Free (Ponderosa) 8.3; 10. Tiana Estrella (Ponderosa) 8.3

Uneven Bars: 1. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND) 9.5; 2. MABRY ROBINSON (OVERLAND) 9.2; 3. Mariah Schmeling (Heritage) 8.975; 4. KYLA BURKE (OVERLAND) 8.925; 5. Peyton Carlson (Ponderosa) 8.75; 6. Carly Backer (Heritage) 8.475; 7. KATIE ROLLIE (OVERLAND) 8.475; 8. AUTUMN IVESTER (OVERLAND) 8.375; 9. Ashlita Lodha (Rock Canyon) 8.3; 10. Hope Jones (Heritage) 8.225

Floor Exercise: 1. MABRY ROBINSON (OVERLAND) 9.7; 2. AUTUMN IVESTER (OVERLAND) 9.575; 3. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND) 9.55; 4. BAILEY RODRIGUEZ (OVERLAND) 9.325; 5. Ashlyn Williams (Ponderosa) 9.25; 6. Peyton Carlson (Ponderosa) 9; 7. Tiana Estrella (Ponderosa) 8.95; 8. ELLA BALDENSPURGER (OVERLAND) 8.9; 9. Carly Backer (Heritage) 8.9; 10. Sydney Anders (Ponderosa) 8.725

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