Junior Mattea Dolan (Grandview) of the Overland co-op gymnastics team finished with a season-best score of 38.350 in the all-around competition win the Centennial/Continental League championship on Oct. 20, 2021, at Ponderosa High School. Dolan and the Trailblazers finished as the league runner-up. (File photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

PARKER | The Overland co-op gymnastics team amassed a team score of 177.800 points Wednesday night, good enough for a runner-up finish at the Centennial/Continental League championship meet at Ponderosa High School.

Junior Mattea Dolan (Grandview) starred for coach Lisa Sparrow’s Trailblazers, as she posted the top score in a pair of events and earned the league’s all-around championship. Dolan was the only gymnast in the top 10 of the all-around competition for Overland, which finished second behind Elizabeth, which put up a score of 181.250.

Dolan, the defending Class 5A all-around champion, registered a season-best 38.350 points to top the only close pursuer she had in Heritage’s Kate Bryant, who scored 38.125.

Bryant had the top score on any event with the 9.700 she registered on the vault, however Dolan was just behind with her winning scores of 9.650 in both the balance beam and floor exercise.

Behind Dolan, five other Overland gymnasts produced at least one top-10 event finish.

Sophomore Kyla Burke (Early Colleges) had two of those top-10 results as she tied for fifth in the vault with a score of 9.300, while her 8.850 on the balance beam put her eighth.

Freshman Ryann Walline (Overland) registered a 9.225 to put her in a tie for fifth in the floor exercise, just in front of a group that included senior Ella Baldensperger (Cherokee Trail), who tied for sixth with a 9.150. Sophomore Emeley Brain (Elevation) scored 9.100 to finish seventh and give Overland five placers in the event.

Sophomore Emily Welk (Eaglecrest) claimed eighth on the vault with a score of 9.075.

Overland tuned up for regional competition, which will take place in its home gym Oct. 28. League members Palmer Ridge and Heritage, which finished third and fifth, respectively, will also be part of Overland’s regional.

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Oct. 20 at Ponderosa High School

Team scores: 1. Elizabeth 181.250 points; 2. OVERLAND 177.800; 3. Palmer Ridge 176.150; 4. Ponderosa 173.350; 5. Heritage 170.425; 6. Cherry Creek 160.550; 7. Rock Canyon 147.575; 8. Rampart 63.025

All-around (top 10): 1. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND), 38.350 points; 2. Kate Bryant (Heritage), 38.125; 3. Riley Marr (Palmer Ridge), 37.000; 4. Sydney Kissinger (Elizabeth), 36.975; 5. Bethany Breikss (Elizabeth), 36.825; 6. Madison Montoya (Elizabeth), 36.500; 7. Elle Mowbray (Elizabeth), 35.500; 8. Margaret Huhn (Palmer Ridge), 35.325; 9. Sydney Anders (Ponderosa), 35.300; 10. Ellie Dermer (Ponderosa), 35.225

Vault (top 10): 1. Kate Bryant (Heritage), 9.700 points; 2. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND), 9.600; 3. Sydney Kissinger (Elizabeth), 9.425; 4. Bethany Breikss (Elizabeth), 9.350; T5. KYLA BURKE (OVERLAND), 9.300; T5. Ellie Dermer (Ponderosa), 9.300; 7. Margaret Huhn (Palmer Ridge), 9.200; 8. EMILY WELK (OVERLAND), 9.075; T9. Michaela Cain (Heritage), 9.050; T9. Sydney Cowan (Palmer Ridge), 9.050; T9. Riley Marr (Palmer RIdge), 9.050; 10. Makenna Cook (Palmer Ridge), 9.000

Balance beam (top 10): 1. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND), 9.650 points; 2. Kate Bryant (Heritage), 9.475; 3. Sydney Kissinger (Elizabeth), 9.250; 4. Riley Marr (Elizabeth), 9.150; 5. Madison Montoya (Elizabeth), 8.975; 6. Ashlyn Williams (Ponderosa), 8.900; 7. Rylee Starling (Palmer Ridge), 8.875; 8. KYLA BURKE (OVERLAND), 8.850; 9. Margaret Huhn (Palmer Ridge), 8.825; 10. Elle Mowbray (Elizabeth), 8.775

Uneven bars (top 10): 1. Bethany Breikss (Elizabeth), 9.550 points; 2. Kate Bryant (Heritage), 9.475; T3. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND), 9.450; T3. Riley Marr (Palmer Ridge), 9.450; 4. Elle Mowbray (Elizabeth), 9.100; 5. Samantha Davidson (Elizabeth), 8.950; 6. Erin Byrnes (Palmer Ridge), 8.925; 7. Madison Montoya (Elizabeth), 8.900; 8. Makenna Cook (Palmer Ridge), 8.875; 9. Aspen Litchfield (Cherry Creek), 8.850; 10. Ellie Dermer (Ponderosa), 8.800

Floor exercise (top 10): 1. MATTEA DOLAN (OVERLAND), 9.650 points; 2. Sydney Kissinger (Elizabeth), 9.575; 3. Kate Bryant (Heritage), 9.475; T4. Madison Montoya (Elizabeth), 9.350; T4. Riley Marr (Palmer Ridge), 9.350; T5. RYANN WALLINE (OVERLAND), 9.225; T5. Bethany Breikss (Elizabeth), 9.225; T6. ELLA BALDENSPERGER (OVERLAND), 9.150; T6. Kaylie Bott (Elizabeth), 9.150; 7. EMELEY BRAIN (OVERLAND), 9.100; T8. Sydney Anders (Ponderosa), 9.075; T8. Ashlyn Williams (Ponderosa), 9.075; 9. Ellie Dermer (Ponderosa), 8.875; 10. Abby Nichols (Heritage), 8.850