The Grandview field hockey team enters the 2019 season under the new leadership of Alex Smith. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

AURORA | A look at some of the key dates, information and players to watch for the 2019 field hockey season in Aurora:

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Key dates: Aug. 12 — Practice begins; Aug. 22 — Regular season begins; Oct. 19 — Regular season completed; Oct. 23-24 — Quarterfinals completed; Oct. 29 — Semifinals (All-City Stadium); Oct. 31 — State championship game (All-City Stadium)

Aurora coaches: Grandview — Alex Smith; Regis Jesuit — Spencer Wagner; Smoky Hill — Natalie Foerster

Aurora players to watch: Emma Ammons, Smoky Hill, jr.; Zoey Dale, Regis Jesuit, sr., H; Elise Euler, Grandview, jr., F; Sophia Hall, Grandview, jr., F/M; Nim Kaur, Grandview, sr., F; Hannah Kim, Smoky Hill, jr.; Paige Lacey, Grandview, jr., F; Cate Lord, Regis Jesuit, jr., F; Haley McIlroy, Smoky Hill, jr.; Lauren Pendergast, Regis Jesuit, sr., M; Cate Lyn Tierney, Grandview, sr., F/M; Grace Weigand, Regis Jesuit, jr., HB; Shay Zilvitis, Regis Jesuit, sr., G